War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0499 EARLY EVENTS INMISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Did not Husey say that he did not care adamn for having had to take the oath?

Answer. I don't recollect the formof speech; the amount of it was he did not care for having taken the oath.

Question. Do you know anything of the relations existing between McCurdy and Hussey? If so state whether or not McCurdy bears any maliceor ill-will toward Hussey.

Answer. iknow there is bad feeling.

Question. Do you know of any violent or inflmmatory language or conduct on the part of Hussey since the 21st of October last except that of which you have already spoken?

Answer. I never heard of anything else.

Question. Have you not seen Hussey often since that timel if so what has been his general conduct and behavior?

Answe. I have never seen him behave withany impropriety. I see him every day.


Question. Can you state positively whether the prisoner, Hussey, said he was a secessionist and did not care a damn for the oath at the time you heard the conversation spoken of?

Answer. I don't remember the formof speech. I recollect he said he was a secessionist.

Question. Did he say in somany words that he did not care for the oath or placed no value uponit?

Answer. That was the way I understood it.


Question. Was not this the purport of thelanguage which he used - that he did not care a damn for having been compelled to take the oath?

Answer. It might have been. It was said in answer to something McCurdy said; I can't recollect exactly what was said.

Prosecution rests.

FRANKLIN WESTIN, a witness for the defense, being duly sworn testified as follows:


Question. Where do you reside and what is your business?

Answer. Reside in saint Louis; am marketmaster, North Market.

Question. Do you know Hussey? If so state howlong and his general charactor and reputation if you know if for good conduct and orderly behavior.

Answer. Have known him about a year. So far as I know his chracter is good. Is sometimes addicted to drinking. Have seen him intoxicated. Nothing vicious about him. Have heard him speak of the questions of the day. Never heard him say anything deprecating the Government though I have of individuals.

Question. In what esteem and repute is he held by the community in which he resides and does business?

Answer. I believe he had the good feeling of the community around where he lives. They esteem him as a man but deprecate his faults at drinking.

Question. Do you know what McCurdy's feelings toward Hussey are?

Answer. They are anything but frindly.