War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0491 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Might you not have mistaken another party closely resembling the prisoner for the prisoner himself?

Answer. I think not, sir.

Question. At what distance were you from the prisoner when you say you saw him; and at what hour in the night was it? Was there any other light but that of the burning depot?

Asnwer. I was about ten steps. Judge it to be about 12 or 1 o'clock. There was no other light but that of the nurning depot and cars.

Question. How early consumed was the depot at the time?

Answer. It was just in a good blaze, bursting out through the walls and roof.

Question. How far was the prisoner from it?

Answer. Fifteen or twenty steps, probably.

Question. Can't you on reflection state whether he was on foot or horseback?

Answer. I am not certain but rather think he was on foot.

Question. How long was he under your observation?

Answer. Probably five or ten minutes.

Question. What became of him?

Answer. They all left after the depot was burned down. Don't know where they went to.

Question. Did you notice the prisoner particularly any more than the other men?

Answer? I looked to see who I could see I knew. I was aksed the question who was there I knew. I said I knew certainly two men. Was asked who; said Bill Meyers and prisoner Norris. He said, "[You] are correct. "

Question. Do you know William H. Norris?

Answer. Don't think I do. Know several of the name of Norris. Don't know their given names.

Prosecution rests.

GARLAND NORRIS, a witness for the defense, being duly sworn testified as follows:


Question. Do you know J. H. Norris and William Norris?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Do they resemble each other in general appearance?

Answer. I reckon they do a little. They both have black hair and are about the same size and both my nephews.

Question. How long have you know the prisoner and what has been his general reputation as a law-abiding citizen, if you know that reputation?

Answer. I have known him ever since he was a little boy. He is a mighty good-hearted fellow but will drink a little too much. I never knew anything against him in any form or shape until now.

Captain BENJAMIN SHARP, a witness for the defense, being recalled testified as follows: