War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0460 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Answer. Know prisoner. Have known him I presume fifteen years. Lives in Boone County. I think in Perche Township.

Question. State where you were at the time the Sturgeon bridge was destroyed on the 21st of December last; what you know of the circumstances attending the destruction; whether or not you saw the prisoner at or about that timel and if so where and what he was doing.

Answer. I was at home in bed. A large quantity of mounted cavalry were sent to house and took me from bed and told me I was their prisoner and to go with them. Put on my clothes and went with themto the front street. He took me to Captain Watson who took charge of me. Was keeping grocery in Sturgeon at that time. As many of the men as could get in came into the store. After awhile men started to Sturgeon bridge taking me along. When we got there the bridge was burning. Suppose there were from 300 to 500 men there. They were putting rails to bridge to make it burn. We staid tere a little while then fell in and marched to Long Branch bridge. When we got there bridge was burning. Staid there some considerable time. Came back to Sturgeon from Long Branch bridge. Then went about threemiles to camp at Riggs'. Standing around fire there Mr. Petty came and made himself known. Shook hands with me. A company of U. S. cavalry attacked the camp. I ran off to house. prisoner was with the party who took me out of bed, burnt the bridges and destroyed the road.


Question. Whattimeof day was it that the prisoner made himself known to you; was it broad daylight? How was the person dressed who spoke to you?

Answer. Do not think it was hardly daylight. Think he had on probably an overcoat, and dress something similar to what he had on now. Don't recollect color of dress or whether he had hat or cap on.

Question. At what time did you leave Sturgeon on the night of December 21, 1861? At what time and what distance from Riggs' pasture were you released?

Answer. Left Sturgeon night of the 20th somewhere between 11 and 12 o'clock. Was in house in Riggs' pasture just after daylight next morning.

Prosecuting rests.

JONATHAN M. McKINNEY, a witness for defense, being duly sworn testified as follows:


Question. Where do you reside? What is your age and occupation?

Answer. In Boone County, about twelve or fourteen miles nortwest of Columbia; age about forty; occupation, farmer.

Question. Where were you on the night of 20th of December, 1861? Did you or not see the prisoner on the night of the said 20th of December? If so, where, at what time of night and under what circumstances?

Answer. On the say of the 20th of December, 1861, went tomy neighbor Mr. Sexton's mill, where I staid until about 9 p. m. I then went home and staid there balance of the night. After going home from Mr. Sexton's and doing into the house and sitting awhile I heard a knock at the door. Mr. Petty, the prisoner, came in.

Question. How far do you reside from the town of Sturgeon and how dar does prisoner reside from Sturgeon?

Answer. I reside about eighteen or twenty miles fromSturgeon; Mr. Petty perhaps twelve or fourteen miles.

Question. At what time on the night of the 20th did the prisoner leave your house?

Answer. Can't say exactly. As near as I can guess at it about 10 o'clock.