War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0458 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. What is you age, place of residence and occupation?

Answer. I am twenty-nine years old; live at Sturgeon. Have not done much lately. Have been merchant, farmer and carpenter.

Question. State when and where you last saw prisoner and under what circumstances.

Answer. The last time I saw prisoner before I came here I saw him about one and one-half miles fromSturgeon about 23rd or 24th of December, 1862. Saw him in a lane with a squad of men with him.

Question. State where you were at the time the Sturgeon bridge was destroyed on the 21st of December last; what you know of the circumstances attending the destruction; whether or not you saw the prisoner at or about that time; and if so where and what he was doing.

Answer. I was at the bridge at the time it was on fire. There were some 400 or 500 men there. I had been taken a prisoner in Sturgeon before the fire. was at home in bed when some men came tomy house, burts open the door, called me to strike a light. I did so. A manput his hand on my shoulder and told me I was his prisoner. I dressed myself and they carried me up in town; from there to Sturgeon bridge. The bridge was on fire and a good many there. Some were standing around; some piling up chunks on the fire; some tearing up railroad track. From that place we marched about four miles to Long Branch bridge; found that afire; staid there two or three hours. There were a good many men there had gone down from Sturgeon bridge. After the bridge was pretty well burned down we went back to Sturgeon. I did not see prisoner at either bridge. First saw him next morning at Mr. Riggs', two and one-half miles southwest of Sturgeon, where the band camped. He was in the crowd of men who had burned down the bridge and tore up the railroad the night before. 'Twixt daylight and sun-up a crowd of cavalry attacked them. Some few men fought awhile; the rest ran. Don't recollect seeing him any more until we got three or four miles from place of fight. I was still prisoner of the bridge-burners. They stopped on White Oak Ridge. They there released Schooler, another prisoner they had, and carried me on with them. They next stopped for any length of time at prisoner's house. I was released on parole near prisoner's house. W. R. Schooler and Adam Gosling were prisoner with me.

Question. In what capacity did prisoner act when you saw him at this time.

Answer. He was called by the men there captain. he seemed to habe management of a squad of men.


Question. Have you known the prisoner intimately or as a mere passing acquaintance?

Answer. He has been in Sturgeon frequently and I have seen him there but have no intimate acquaintance with him. Have not had fifteen minutes' conversation at one time with him in my life.

Answer. Was not broad daylight; soon after we got to camp; just before daylight.

Question. What time was it when you saw prisoner at the White Oak Ridge and how far is it from Sturgeon to said ridge?

Answer. It was in the neighborhood of 8 o'clock in the morning. It was something near about four and one-half or five miles.

Question. Are you now under indictment in the Boone circuit court for a criminal offense?

(Object to by the judge-advocate for the following reasons: First, because it is not proper cross-examimation; second, because the answer of prisoner is not the best evidence of fact. Objection [sustained])