War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0455 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Whereupon the court having been again opened and the decisionannounced to the prisoner the prisoner pleaded as follows, viz:

To the specifications, not guilty, and to the charges, not gui then adjourned at 6 p. m. until 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, February 26, 1862.


Colonel Regiment Merrill's Horse, President Military Commission.


First Lieutenant, Merrill's Horse, Recorder Military Commission.

WEDNESDAY, February 26, 1862.

The court met pursuance to adjournment, all the members present.

EDWARD REYNOLDS, a witness for the prosecuting, being duly sworn testified as follows:


Question. What is your age, placeof residence and occuparion?

Answer. I am nineteen years old; reside in Columbia; I am a printer by trade.

Question. Are you acquainted with the accused, Edmund J. Ellis? If yes, state how long have known the said Ellis and what is his occupation or business.

Answer. I know the accused. Have known him about ten months. He (Ellis) is a printer by trade and has been ever since I have known him the editor of the Boone County Standard.

(Here the witness was handed copies of the newspaper styled The Boone County Standard for the following dates, respectively, viz: Friday, November 15, 1861; Friday, November 22, 1861; Friday, November 29, 1861; Friday, December 6, 1861, December 13, 1861; Friday, January 3, 1862; Friday, February 7, 1862.)

Question. Examine the papers shown to you and state whether or not they are copies of the paper you have just referred to and whatever you know with regard to their publication with you means of knowledge.

Answer. These are copies of the Boone County Standard that I have worked upon for the last nine months. Mr. Ellis, the accused, was the only editor I ever knew for the paper.

(The papers thus referred to were then offered in evidence and no objection being made accepted, and are hereto attached, marked respectively exhibits B, C, D, E, F, G and H and made part of the testimony for the prosecution in this case.)

Question. Examine the articles styled "Letter from our Army" and "To the Civil Officers of Boone County" in the paper now shown you and state what if anything you know of their authorship.

(Here the witness was handed newspaper marked Exhibit B.)

Answer. Both articles are communications. I do not know who wrote them. The first to be communication; the otehr I believe to be.

Question. Examine the paper now shown to you and state what if anything you know of the authorship of the article entitled "The U. S. Flag - Rebellion. "

(Here the witness was handed newspaper marked Exhibit F.)

Answer. I do not recollect the author of that if I know him. I suppose it to be editorial.