War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0419 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Answer. The men separated and went home when I did. The meeting broke up and went off in small parties. I don't know whether Owen staid till they broke up.

Question. When did you next see Owen?

Answer. Not till he was take prisoner.

Question. Whee did you next meet you company?

Answer. In Mr. Laile's pasture, five or six miles from Wellsville and northeaste from Willimsburg.

Question. Who told you to go there?

Answer. Mr. Meyers told me the same night we enslited at ia Harvey's, close to where I live.

Question. When was it you met at Laile's?

Answer. The day before the railroad was torn up. I as him the next day after I was sworn in at a sale at Mr. Sigler's; next saw him at Laile's pasuture, those were the only times. He did not tell me was going to tear up the railroad when at Sigler's. We never had any meetting of the company until we met at Laile's. I did not know that we were going to tear up the railroad until we got a brick-kiln near Wingfield's about five miles from the railroad.

Question. Did you hear of Captain Owen's company after you wee sworn in?

Answer. I did not; don't know whether they had any meetings.

Question. When you were sworn in was there any place appointed for you to meet again?

Answer There was not.

Question. When did your company commence tearing up the road?

Answer. At the section-house between Montgomery and Wellsville, about four miles east of there. I guess there were about twenty-five men. We worked toward Wellsville, burnt up part of the ties and broke part of the rails and burned the depot at Wellsville. We staind two hours at Wellsville.

Questin. Where did you go then?

Answer. A part came to Montgomery City and went home and a part went home from Wellsville. They went home just as soon as they pleased after the work was done-part of them did. Meyers ordered his men to go to Montgomery City and a part went; I did. When they got to Montgomery City they dsipersed. They got thogether since that at the same house in Laile's pasture, since the day before Christams. From there they went to Williamsburg-about sixty men. Went from there to Danville, then back to Williamsburg. I did not see Captain Owen or his company at either of these places. Cobb's company was when we got here. I don't know where Owen's company was. From Williamsburg went to Mount Zion Church. I don't know of Owen's company being Mount Zion Church and did not hear of their being there. My company broke up after the Mount Zion fight.

Question. Were there any men helping you at Wellsville beside your company?

Answer. Yes, sir; I think there was but I don't know their names.

Question. People who had gathered in?

Answer. Yes, I judge so; grathered from arund abut Laile's. Laile's son was at Wellsville.

There being no other witnesses present the defendant by permission of the commission prayed that the case be contiuned to enable him to procure the attendance of absent witness and in support of his application field his written affidavit (marked Exhibit A), which is herewith returned. The court having maturely considered the said application and said affidavit refuses the same. The further hearing of this case is adjourned to February 1, 1862, at 9 a. m.