War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0418 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Who swore this company in?

Answer. I do not know.

Cross-examination by the COURT:

Question. Where do you live when at home?

Answer. I live in Callaway County about seven miles rather norhteast of Williamsburg.

Question. How long have you lived there?

Answer. I was born there and have lived there almost ever since, I am farmer.

Question. Where does Mr. Owen lives?

Answer. I don't know where he lives. I never was at this house; never heard any person say where he lived. I never say him that I know of before I met him a this house and have never seen him except as a prisoner.

Question. What time of day did you meet at this house?

Answer. I judge about 12 o'clock. The house was a vacant house; I saw no other houses in the nighborhood.

Question. How came you to go there?

Answer. I went out there to be sworn in.

Question. How came you to go that particular place?

Answer. I started to the Burg and when I got there I heard that the meeting was at that house. I had heard before that there was to be meeting at the Burg and when I go there I was told the meeting was to be at theat house. Mr. Shull told me first that there was going to be a meeting at the Burg. He told me that they were going to get men to go out of fight for Price and asked me if I wold go. I think it was the 13th that I went and he told me of the meeting the day before. Shull lives this side and to the right of the Brug about a mile. We were at a hog-killing at the time. He was at that house on that day, the 13th.

Question. Did you go from Willamsburg alone?

Answer. No sir. I judge there were ten or twelve went with me-Mr. Schull Swerenger, Benjamin Gee; these are all I can recollect- the first are residents of my neighborhood, the others were form and about Williamsburg.

Question. When you got to the house who did you find there and what was done?

Answer. Thee were not many men that I was acquainted with there. There was right smart of men; I think between 50 and 100. Captain Meyers made a speech; there was another made a speech. It was not Grant. Captain Meyers swore us in. There was not anything said about destroying that I heard. I did not hear about the destruction of the railroad until we starked to destroy it. There was I believe a proclamation read there from Price; I heard no other papers read.

Question. Where does Meyers live?

Answer. I think he lives down in some of these lower counties. Never saw him before this winter that I know of.

Question. How long did you stay at the house?

Answer. About two hours. A few came after I got there. I judge they lived close around the house; I don't know where.

Question. Did the men sign their names to any paper?

Answer. I did not see sign nor did I see anybody take down names. I judge they ought or they would not know who was sworn in. We stood up in single lien when we were sworn. I don't recollect the oath we had to take. Mr. Meyers swore in the company that joined for six months. I don't know who swore in the other; none of the men there on the ground. There was on one there with military uniform on. The men had no arms.

Question. Did the men separate or go away in bodies?