War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0416 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Were any sworn?

Answer. All of the company, I suppose. I could not tell what the oath was. I saw Grant swearing them; I believe it was to support the State of Missouri; I could not recollect the whole of it.

Question. What did he tell them he wanted done?

Answer. He wanted them to go to Price.

Question. Did they go?

Answer. I don't know whether they did or not.

Question. Did you hear of their meeting togther again?

Answer. I don't know that I ever did; I don't know that some of them were engaged in destroying the railroad. I heard Bently Hays say he has in it himself.

Question. Did you ever hear Owen speak about it?

Answer. If I have I don't recollect it. Before the railroad was destroyed I never heard it whispered; never hear of any orders until after it was burned.

Question. Did you ever hear of Mr. Owen cloiming to be captain until after that meeting?

Answer. No, sir. He was linving in Williamsburg up to that time.

Question. Has he ever been out to join Price?

Answer. I don't suppose he has.

Question. Did he then claim to have any commission?

Answer. Not that I know of, six, more than that he was elected captain; that was all the commission I knew of.

Question. Did Mr. Grant show any commission?

Answer. He did not show any to me or rear any in my presence.

Question. Where were you the night the road was torn up?

Answer. I was at home.

Question. Were you enslited in any company?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Whose?

Answer. Captain Meyers'.

Question. Where did you enlist?

Answer. At the same place I have been speaking of-Thomas Anderson's.

Question. This same night?

Answer. This same day.

Question. Where did you go to from there?

Answer. To George Harvey's, west of here about seven or eight miles and five or six miles north of Williamsburg. I left there then. I don't know how long they staid; I went home. Did not hear them say about going to destroy the railroad.

Question. Where did you next join them?

Answer. I was with them in the company a little while on the road from Coyle's Store to Todd's Mill in Callaway County, on the Clarskville roas southwest of the railroad and eight of nine miles from the town of Wellsville.

Question. When was it?

Answer. Five or six days after I joined and late in the evening before the road was torn up; it had not hen been torn up. I was with them but a very few minutes; I was on my way home; I went home that night. They did not tell me what they were going to do.