War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0411 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Did he claim that that was the only time or instance in which he had taken up arms except this late affair?

Answer. I so understood him.

Question. When according to his statement did he again claim to recorgnize the instructions of a military officer?

Answer. About the 13th of December, 1861.

Question. Will you explain by what authority and in what capacity he claimed to be acting.

Answer. By authority of General Price.

Question. Did he claim to be acting by the authority of General Price in the raising of his compay or in the destruction of the railroad?

Answer. He did not state as to that. He claimed to be raising his company for Price's army.

Questin. Did he claim to have or did he produce any military commission or authority?

Answer. Nothing written. He claimed verbally that he had the authority.

Question. What I mean is did he claim to have a regular commission?

Answer. What was the particular authority through which he claimed to be acting?

Answer. As far as the destruction of the railroad was concerned he claimed to be acting [under] the oders of General Price transmitted regularly through other officers to him.

Question. You say that he stated he had but two meetings of his company before starting out; starting where?

Answer. Starting to join Price.

Question. Did he state to you the purpose of either of these meetings?

Answer. He did as to one of them-the meeting in the sugar camp near the saw-mill-which meeting he said he held for the purpose of adopting measures for the destructions of the North Missouri Railroad.

Question. Did he state to you what followed upon the meeting and consultation at Wingfield's Saw-Mill?

Answer. That they proceeded to do the work assigned to them in destroying the railroad.

Question. Did he state you how many men wee engaged with him in that enterprise?

Answer. I don't think he did definitely.

Question. Did he claim to have any direction or command in the work of destroying the railroad?

Answer. He did not say directly that he had command. He said he was averse to the work and so was some of his men.

Question. Did he show or did he claim to have in his possession any written orders?

Answer. Not in any way; some saying his orders were written.

Question. Did he offer to show any?

Answer. He did not.