War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0409 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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he answered that they had had but two meetings before they started on this expedition. He did not tell where those meetings were held. He hold me that he and his men met a sugar camp near Wingfield's Saw-Mill the night before they went to destroy railroad. I understand that that meeting was the same night that the railroad was destoryed. He stated to me that his orders were to destroy a specific division of the North Missouri Railroad between Wellsville and the city of Mexico. I think he stated that his division or section was the second one from Wellsville toward Mexico. I don't think he stated whether the men were armed or not.

Question. By whom did Captain Owen say his men were sworn in?

Answer. I do not remember the man's name who swore them in. He gave the name. I took it down in writting.

Question. Did he describe to you the manner in which he and his men destroyed the railroad?

Answer. He said that they had crowbars with forks on the end to draw the spikes; that they spreined the rails, burned the ties and tore up the culverts.

Question. Did he state to yu that there were others engaged with him besides his men in the destruction of the railroad?

Answer. I asked him if another man did no command a party operating on the railroad from Wellsville to Martinsburg. He answered that there other persons engaged in the destruction of the road. His orders were to a specific division of the road. Others were above him.

Question. Did he state to you whether there was any concerted plan for the destruction of the road? If so what did he state about it and what was it?

Answer. He did not. I did not ask him whether he had any conversation with any others, for I satisfied in my own that he had.

Cross-examination by DEFENDANT:

Question. Did not Owen state that the had enlisted his men on the 13th and received orders to tear up the railroad the Wednesday before the road was turn up, which was Friday, the 20th?

Answer. He did not state that the enlisted his men on the 13th instant. He said they were sworn in on the 13th. It is not my recollection that he stated to me the date of his orders for the destruction of the road. He might have told me but I do nto recollect.

Question. Did you understand by the expedition spoken of the tearing up of the road or what transpired since?

Answer. I asked him where they had been in the habit of holding meetings. He answered that they had but two meetings to startings, and I inferred that he meant previous to going to join Dorsey's command. I understood that one of those meeting was for the purpose of being sworn in and that the other for the purpose of destroying the said road.

Question. In speaking of divisions of the road did he say how long the divisions were?

Answer. He did not.

Question. Did he not state that his division should being as near Wellsville as practicable?

Answer. It is my recollection that there was anything said about it by him to me.

Question. Did he state how he was ordered to tear up or destroy the road?

Answer. I do not think he said anything about it.