War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0397 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Did you hear anything of my trying to save that depot or the property there?

Answer. You advised some men to save their property as you expected to burn.

Question. Did I not try to save the depot?

Answer. You did not. You sopke of the propery of citizens.

Question. What did I have - a gun, or what?

Answer. A box, I think.

D. RUSSELL MOSS, citizen, a witness on the part of the posecution

was duly sworn.


Question. State to the court briefly and plainty what you know of the burning of Salt River bridge.

Answer. I believe I know nothing of it. I was at Hunnewell two miles east of Salt River bridge it was burned.

Question. Were you present at the burning of the cars at


Answer. I was, sir.

Question. State in the same way the circumstances of that burning.

Answer. I was at Hunnewell when these gentlemen came from the bridge. I reckon there was two companies.

Question. Do you recognize Foster as one of the company or of either company?

Answer. Yes; he was at Hunnewell.

Question. Did you see him on or about the platform close to the cars which were burning?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you see anybody set fire to the cars?

Answer. I idd not. There was a street between the cars and the town and a young man rode out on to the street and halloed out if any man had property in the depot to take it out. I had some salt in there. I ran across the street and rolled the salt out, and after I got the salt out I seen Foster standing ont the platform and I went to him and said, " For God's sake, don't have them burn the depot; it will not do anybody any good and it will do everybody har. " He remarked to me," If I can deep these men from burning the depot I will do it, " and he went and talked to this young man and the depot was not burned. I remarked, " Let us move this car some ways from here. " A dood many refused to let the car be moved but I got down and took hold and some more took hold and we moved the last car and the depot was not burned.

Question. The cars were burned?

Answer. Yes; I think about four or five.

Question. This was after the burning of the bridge?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did Doctor Foster visit your house before the burning othe bridge?

Answer. No, sir; but I saw him before.

Question. Did he say he or they were going to burn the bridge?

Answer. I think not.