War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0394 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. When was the last burning?

Answer. It was the day that the Shelbina fight was. I don't recollect the day of the month or what month, butt it was the night of or the night after.

Question. Do you know anything about furnishing combustible material to set fire to the bridge?

Answer. I know nothing of it. I was charged with having furnished some tar and turpentine, or that is what I was told afterward.

Question. Do you know any person that was present at the burning?

Answer. It was done after night. I know the officer who said he burned it next morning. I was dark. Some of the boys I knew maybe, but it was so dark that I don't recollect that I knew and single individual that night.

Question. Did you go down to the bridge?

Answer. I went to the bridge when the captain told me next morning it was burned. I went to see if it was or not. I went down thinking we could put it out and save a good of it.

Question. What is the name of this captain that told you of it?

Answer. Captain Grimshaw.

Question. He said he burned the bridge?

Answer. He said he was ordered by Mr. Greene to burn it.

Question. Did you see foster that night?

Answer. No, sir; I did not.

Question. Did you see him next morning?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. How far from Hunnewell do you live?

Answer. Exactly three miles - that is I have farm there and am frequently at it.

Question. In which direction?

Answer. Across the river.

Question. When did you see Foster before the burning?

Answer. I saw him that day. He said he was acting as surgeon to a party of Green's regiment. I don't know what party it was.

Question. Was Greene's force in proximity at that time?

Answer. He was with them at the fight. The company that burned the bridge was part of Greene's company.

Question. Was Doctor Foster with Greene?

Answer. I saw the doctor once there. It was two or three miles from Shelbina.

Question. How far from the bridge?

Answer. It was seven miles.

Question. You speak of his being present at a fight; what


Answer. Shelbina.

Question. Do you know anything of the burning of the cars at Hunnewell?

Answer. Nothing at all. I was at Hannibal and I never knew of it until they sent to me at the depot.

Question. What time was the last burning at Salt River bridge?

Answer. It was perhaps in September.