War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0393 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Quesiton. When Ragsdell came the cars were not burning?

Answer. No, sir. He came to see if there was any body to tell on him I suppose.

Question. The cars were first burned?

Answer. No, sir; they lighted at Mr. Worthington's and I think they took something to drink. I heard them say " forward march," shoulder arms, " and they all marched to the bridge. In shourt time I saw the bridge burning and the two tanks, and then they came to the track and I saw them turn the switch, but I did not know any persons but Doctor Foster.

Question. What amount of time elapsed between the burning of the Salt River bridge and the burning of the cars at Hunnewell?

Answer. I should think it was not over an hour. They staid there till after dark. I saw them after dark. They went to Mr. Leary's and got supper.

Question. Did you see them coming?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you see Doctor Foster?

Answer. They were all in the crowd; I saw him there.

Question. Did you see Doctor Foster during the time the crowd was absent?

Answer. No, I did not.

Question. I mean while the body of men were absent at Salt River bridge?

Answer. I did not.

Question. Did you see him before they went there?

Answer. I saw him when they came.

Question. Did you see him after they came back?

Answer. I saw him; yes. I think he had on a light coat - a linen coat - and something tied upon his shoulder. They all had guns but him; he had something else.


Question. Do you recollect anything of my trying to protect that property?

Answer. No, sir. I heard Mr. Moss say not to burn the depot. they allowed some of the men's property to be taken from the depot - some flour and barrels of things - but anything that belonged to the railroad company they said could not be taken away. I asked why they did not burn the depot and Moss said he was the one that persuaded them not to do so.

ARCHIBALD S. ROBARDS, citizen, a witness on the part of the prosecution was duly sworn.


Question. Where do you reside?

Answer. In Hannibal, Mo.

Question. Do you know anything about the burning of Salt River bridge?

WITNESS. The first burning do you allude to?

JUDGE - ADVOCATE. Yes, sir; the first burning.

WITNESS. I was at home. I have a farm at Salt River bridge. I was on the farm the night it was burned the last time.

Question. How far is your house from the bridge?

Answer. I suppose three - quarters of a mile; just about.