War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0392 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. State who arrested you and under what circumstances.

Answer. I do not know who arrested me. I did not see Doctor Foster until I got there.

Question. Where is Shrinkietown?

Answer. It is south of Monroe Station I think.

Answer. I think it was in July; the day they call the battle of Monroe. I heard Mr. Evans was taken prisoner and I went down.

Question. Were you present at the burning of Salt River bridge?

Answer. No, sir; I live two miles from there. I live at Hunewell and was at home.

Question. Were you present at Hunnewell when certain cars were burned?

Answer. I was at Hunnewell in sight of it.

Question. How far from the burning at Hunnewell were you?

Answer. I was in sight. I was at home when they came there.

Question. Do you recognize Foster as having been in that crowd?

Answer. He was there.

Question. Do you recognize Foster as being where the cars were burned at Hunnewell Station?

Answer. It was right opposite my house and he was there.

Question. Where was he standing?

Answer. I could not say; he was all about. He did not have a gun; he had something tied up over his shoulder.

Question. Was he standing looking on at the burning of the cars?

Answer. I saw his several times.

Question. While the cars were burning?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. How far were you and he from the cars?

Answer. It is not a great way. I was much frightened. I was afraid they were going to burn my house and Mose told me I need not be afraid.

Question. How far were you from where the cars were burned?

Answer. On the same street; I should think not as from here to the hotel.

Question. And you recognize Doctor Foster as being there?

Answer. He was down by the railroad.

Question. How far from your house were the cars burned?

Answer. It was close by.

Question. As far as to the corner?

Answer. I don't think it was as far as that.

Question. Did you see Foster on the platform or about on the


Answer. Yes, sir; I saw him once on the platform. One man came there first before they all came - a man by the name of Ragsdell; he came in much of a hurry. Several man went to him when he got off his horse and wanted to know what he came for and he said they were coming to burn the bridge

Question. Was Salt River bridge burned at the same time?

Answer. That evening.