War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0385 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. I mean the party that was engaged I destroying the


Answer. Yes, sir.


Question. I would like him to be right certain as to whether I had a gun.

Answer. I think so.

Question. do you think I intended to do anything toward the road?

Answer. I thought so and think so yet; perhaps not that time. You rode up but you had no time to di anything. At least I thought you came up to say on account of the cars running cack, and for that reason I suppose you came back as a spy to see what was going on; and if I recollect aright you did not deny of being with them at the time.

M. B DANIELS, a witness introduced, having been duly sworn pursuant to the circumstances. Give the court an account of his arrest if you were present at it.

Answer. I saw him about three miles from Renick on the Norht Missouri Railroad at the firing of the railroad there. He and two other men came up on horses with duns. They were halted and two of them arrested - this man and another one.

Question. Did you take any weapon from this man?

Answer. He had a rifle or shotgun. I believe this is the man that had a shotgun.

Qestion. Did he have any other weapon?

Answer. I did not see it but some of the boys said he had a revolver.

Question. How many guns did you take from the party?

Answer. Two.

Question. Did you take the gun of the man that ran?

Answer. Not until next morning. He was then followed up.

Question. Then you took three guns from the three men?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. How far was prisoner from the fire?

Answer. He was within six feet of the track where the cattle guard was afire.


Question. Were not we entirely of the apron of the crossing of the road when we were arrested?

Answer. You was right on the apron - on the edge.

Question. Did you not get the gun from the gentleman on the yellow nag?

Answer. Both were on yellow nags.

Question. You think you did not get a gun from the gentleman that ran off?

Answer. It was got next morning with a bullet hole in the breech and a powderhorn with it.

Question. How do you know it was his?

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