War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0382 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Did he go to the Long branch bridge?

Answer. I don't know.

Question. After stering with you to go to the bridge - burning where did you lay eyes on him the next time?

Answer. I did not see him any more until I saw him next morning.

Question. You cannot swear that he was with you all the time?

Answer. He was with us all the time at the Sturgeon bridge. As to seeing him all the time particularly I could not swear.

Question. After leaving the town of Sturgeon you don't remember to have seen him until next morning?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. He started with the party?

Answer. Yes.

Quesiton. Did the men proceed in a continual line?

Answer. Yes, sir; in order.

Question. Did you see anybody leave the line?

Answer. Not unless they stid behind.

Question. Where were you in line?

Answer. I presume there were about 100 men before me.


Question. What county are you a citizen of?

Answer. Boone County.

Major DAVID McKEE, witness introduced, being sworn pursuant to the Seventy - third Article of war examined.

Question. Were you present at the skirmish at or near Crab Apple Grove on Saturday, Decemebr 21?

Answer. I was in command and present.

Question. Under what circumstances was the prisoners arrested?

Answer. To the best of my impression the first that I saw of him was in the cornfield after the battle. Some men in advance of us capture him, and I recognized this man more particularly as a man wearing such a cap as that [pointing to the cap worn by

prisoner]. I think I remarked since the battle that he looked very much like the man that passed throught the corn - field, and he said he was the man.

Question. Was he leaving the battle - field?

Answer. Yes, sir; he was about the last man that left too.

Question. Had you ever seen him before?

Answer. Not to recognize him; not to know him.

Question. When you saw him in the corn - field was he armed?

Answer. Yes; I think he was. He came stepping along throught the corn - field pretty fast but I think he had arms.

Question. Who arrested Patton?

Answer. It was Major Linder. I have a man here who was in company with him after the fight.