War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0380 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Was he at the bridge - burning?

Answer. He was in the crowd when they left my store. I think this man was one of them.

Question. Have you known him before?

Answer. I merely identily the prisoner as one I saw there when the bridge was burned.

Question. Have you any knowledge of hiis having been arrested by the military authorities of the United States before this?

Answer. Not to my knowledge.

Question. Was he mounted? Was he on horseback when you saw him?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Was he under arms that night?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Did you recognize him as belonging to any army?

Answer. Yes.

Question. What army? What service was he in; do you know?

Answer. The rebel service at that time.

Question. When the crowd left your store did they march in line until they reached the bridge?

Answer. Yes, sir; I believe so. A part of them remained on hourseback while the bridge was burning.

CAPTAIN FORBES, of the Twenty - second Missouri Regiment, was duly sworn pursuand to the Seventy - third Article of War:

Question. Did you arrest the prisoner?

Answer. He was arrested by some of my men - the advance.

Question. Had you ever seen him before?

Answer. O, yes; I once met him. I was in a party to arrest Swabee and Hatton and he denied they were at Swabee's house, and Captain Hawk and several men went down there and arrested them, and I accused this young man of telling a felsehood and I took his name, and when I saw him the other morning I recognized him. I could not call his name. I sw him again in their camp and they called hiis name.

No further testimony being introduced the commission finds the prisoners guilty as charge in the first charge and the specifications under it; also guilty as charged in charge 2 and as charge 3 and specification 1 and 2 thereunder; also guilty as charged in charge 3 and specification under it; also that charge 4 is not proven against the prisoner; also guilty as chaged in charge 5 and specification under it, land does therefore sentence him, William J. Forshey, to be shot to death at such time and place as the major - general commanding the department shall direct.


Colonel Thirty - ninth Ohio, President.


Assistant Adjutant - General, and Acting Judge - Advocate.