War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0376 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Were you there during all the night?

Answer. I was until I was taken away.

Question. Who took you away?

Answer. A body of about 300 cavalry.

Question. Armed cavalry?

Answer. The most were armed I think.

Question. Were they soldiers of the U. S. Army?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. How do you know that?

Answer. I am acquanainted with most or many of them. I am acquainted with many of them and know them to belong or to have been with Price's army. I knew them near Sturgeon. They have been there all this fall until the Lexington fight; then they principally all left and went there.

Question. Do you know one Watson, called Captain Watson?

Answer. I never saw him before that night that I know of.

Question. Was he of the party that visited and took you?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Do you recognize this man as being there?

Answer. Yes, sir; I think I do.

Question. What did this man say or do no that occasion?

Answer. That man never spole to me after I had seem him.

Question. How long did he stay at your house?

Answer. I presume he stopped in an hour, or perhaps half an hour.

Question. During their stay what did they do?

Answer. After they took me from my house as I passed my store we went into my store. I asked them if they would not go inside; they said they would. I opened the door, and they would go in and they went in; and they said they wanted their canteens filled and I filled them with liquor. I of course gave it to them.

Question. Did you give it to them because if their force?

Answer. I was disposed to treat them the best I knew how.

Question. For what reason?

Answer. They would treat me the better.

Question. What had they against you?

Answer. I had been a Union man I suppose.

Question. Did they take you from your dwelling - house?

Answer. Yes, sir; they did.

Question. Did they demand you to go to the store?

Answer. No; they told me to go with them and as we passed up I asked them into the store.

Question. State whether they took any other property.

Answer. Not that I know of. We remained at the store from half an hour to an hour and a half.

Question. Charge your memory particularly and let the court - know if you saw Tompkins there.

Answer. There is no question of his being there. I know he was in the crowd.