War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0350 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. If you know anything of a disturbance which took place in Georgetown in August last when a portion of the U. S. soldiers and home guards entered that village, state all that you know and as far as may be in the order in which it occurred.

Answer. I was in Georgetown the latter part of August and as I was leaving town (I had gone there for some physic) I discovered some armed men riding into town from the west. On discovering those men I rode back to meet them to see who they were. Found them to be Magoffin and some twelve or fifteen other men. I suppose them to be so; I did not count them. I undestood that day before going to town that there were to be some Federal troops there that day. My mother was in town that day, and when I learned that Mr. Magoffin was there with armed med I went to her for the purpose of getting her to leave town before the Federal forces should get there. Just as she had mounted her horse the report was that they were coming (alluding to the Federal forces coming into town). I then told her to get off and run into a house, feeling that it was unsafe for her to start on horseback from the town at that time or to be on the street. I then hitched my hourse to the court-horse fence. While hitching the horses Mr. Magoffin came to the corner for the purpose of getting his horse. Just as he was in the act of mounting three of the Federal officers, or men of the troops at least, turned the opposite corner of the court-house square-that is the northeast corner of square. As they turned a corner there was a pistol fired by one of them-I could not tell which-and about half way of the court-house square there was another fire. There were two shots nearly or quite together. I could not say the second fire was by the soldiers; I could not say by whom. At the time of those two fires when half way of the court-house square there was one of the Federals wounded or shot. This soldier who was shot at that time his horse turned to the left, the northwest corner of court-house square. Well, there was after or about the time he turned several shots fired. My attention was then attracted by a fourth soldier or officer (I don't know which he was) on horseback who was some thirty or forty yards in the rear of the other three. This fourth man as he turned the northeast corner his attention was attracted to the opposite corner by the firing (I suppose it was; I can't tell that), and he came along with his pistol presented right at that corner. I was standing there myself. This fourth man passed round the northwest corner. I went then to my mother who was still in the street and took her to the hotel. Then it was confusion pretty much after that. By that time there was 100 or more Federal troops in the town passing in every direction. I was standing at the northwest corner of court-house square when all this occurred-right at the corner; it might have been some six or eight feet south of the corner.

Question. Did you or not remain at your position at the northwest corner until you went to your mother and took her to the hotel?

Answer. I did. From the time I went there to hitch my horse until the fourth man passed I did not change my position.

Question. How far were you from the accused while you remained at the northwest corner?

Answer. I can't state that. I was at the time I saw those Federal troops not more than six feet from him.

Question. Did you or not see the accused fire?

Answer. I did not see him fire.

Question. Could you tell where-that is from what direction-the two shots nearly at the same time came?

Answer. One of them was to my left, a little in the rear, judging from the report. I only state that from the report. I should judge that the other came from the men-the soldiers.

Question. You say one of the reports came from your left and a little to the rear; ; which way were you facing them?

Answer. I was facing norhteast; would be.

Question. Was the accused south of you on the cross street, or in what direction from you when you say he was in six feet of you?

Answer. When he was six feet from me he was immediately south of me.