War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0346 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Did you ever regard the accused at that place as being any part of your force or in any respect subject to your orders?

Answer. I did not, sir.

Question. State, first, the date of the surrender; second, the amount of your entire force; and, third, the whole number of the prisoners taken.

Answer. The 19th of December, 1861. About 750 was the number I started out with from Grand Pass, Saline County. The number of prisoners taken as near as I could ascertain was 684 officers and privates sworn in. There were some citizens; the number I don't know-some fifteen or twenty that fell in with me.

Question. Did you know the accused prior to the battle of Carthage? Do you know whether he was in that battle and in what capacity he acted?

Answer. I did not, sir. I was there but did not know whether he was in that battle or not. I was second lieutenant of the Saline Mounted Rifles, in Parsons' command.

Question. State whether you have ever seen the accused in connection with Price's army at any time, and where and in what capacity.

Answer. I have. The first I saw of him in Price's army was at Lexington. I never saw him before. I could not state in what capacity he was only from a handbill I saw at Lexington. The handbill spoke of him as colonel. He was authorized to arm and equip a regiment by General Price.

Question. While the accused was a prisoner at Lexington do you know of any arrangement made for his exchange? If so what and by whom?

Answer. I do not know of any such arrangement.

Question. How far from Grand Pass to your camp at Milford?

Answer. About forty miles as near as I can estimate.


Question. Where and when did you first see the accused on or about the 19th of December, 1861?

Answer. Just before the surrender; 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I saw him about eighty yards in the rear of my lines coming from the direction of the creek. He was afoot to the best of my recollection.

Question. How many recruits did you get on your way to Milford from Grand Pass and how many at MIlford?

Answer. I received two on my way from Grand Pass to Milford. I swore into the service three at Milford.

Question. By men sworn in and taken as prisoners do you or not exclude camp-followers, sympathizers and citizens generally found in your camp?

Answer. I exclude them all when I say 684 prisoners sworn in were taken.

Question. How many of your men were armed?

Answer. I could not state the exact number but about 250.

Question. Do you know whether the accused had anything to do with the conference before the surrender or whether he was consulted in regard thereto?

Answer. He was not consulted in regard to it at all.

Question. Do you know the number of camp-followers, sympathizers and citizens who were captured with your command or who were about camp the day of your surrender?