War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0345 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Have not the officers in Price's army some distinctive uniform, mark or badge by which they could be known by their men or distinguished from privates?

Answer. A very few of them.

Question. By whose order did you deliver the prisoners to the accused at the battle of Carthage and what position did he hold as the recipient of prisoners?

Answer. I did not deliver them by any order at all. The prisoners were in my way and I gave them over to Magoffin.

Question. During the morning and day of your encampment near Milford and before the surrender how many recruits came in, and what proportion of them was armed and what number unarmed to the best of your knowledge?

Answer. I have no knowledge of any recruits coming in that day.

Question. Before the prisoners were captured what proportion of the force encamped near Milford was armed?

Answer. I think that it was less than one-half.


Question. At Boonville and Carthage what was the condition of the State forces as to regular organization?

Answer. I hardly think it was a perfect organization-some regiments and some companies were formed; others that were not full; some companies that were not attached to any regiment.

Question. What was the number of your force at Milford, and how many prisoners were in point of fact taken?

Answer. I do not know the number of force there. I should put it down at 600. Some escaped.

F. S. ROBERTSON captain [colonel?] Missouri State Guard, a witness for the defense, was duly sworn.


Question. State your name, age, rank (if any) and your present condition.

Answer. F. S. Robertson; captain [colonel?] in the Missouri State Guard; have his commission as such; thirty-four years old; prisoner of war.

Question. Were you taken prisoner at Milford, and who commanded the forces there taken?

Answer. I was. I commanded them.

Question. Was the accused there? Was he armed? Did he constitute any part of your forces or take any part against the United States on that occasion?

Answer. Yes, sir. He was not armed that I saw. None whatever that I saw.

Question. State whether you reported to General Pope the accused as a colonel constituting part of your force.

Answer. I did not, sir.

Question. Did you ever make such report to any officer of the United States?

Answer. I did not.