War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0338 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Answer. I can't say the exact number. The men who went round the court-house square first gave the alarm-four or six; I don't know the number of them.

Question. Which way did they go round?

Answer. I think they went round by the south side of the court-house square. They were on horseback.

Question. Did you see them return; and if so which way did they come?

Answer. Yes, sir. They came up Main street having turned the northeast corner; they came round that way.

Question. Did you know where the horse of the accused was hitched?

Answer. He was hitched near the northwest corner of court-house fence. The horses of the others were hitched some on the norht and some on the west side.

Question. What part of the town did the accused and the twelve men enter and how-rapidly or slowly?

Answer. He entered from the west part of town slowly, on horseback-horses all walking.

Question. Did you see any other body of armed men that day in town besides the twelve men and the U. S. forces?

Answer. No, sir.


Question. You say the accused came into town about 12 o'clock on that day. Did you see him enter and where were you at the time?

Answer. I was at the Pacific Hotel in the west part of the town and saw them enter. Pacific Hotel is on south side of Main street about 400 yards west of Kidd's Hotel.

Question. What was the accused doing with twelve men in town that day? Do you know whether it was a party headed by accused for any particular object or a mere chance meeting?

Answer. I do not know, sir.

Question. Why did you not state in your narrative of events the fact that you heard the report of a shotgun before you saw the Federal soldiers shoot at the accused?

Answer. I forgot it.

Question. Did you hear the report of shotguns immediately after the Federal soldies first fired or how long after?

Answer. It was a very short time after. It was all in a minute the shooting was done, or in a very few minutes. Immediately after the first firing the report of a shotgun was heard. This firing was all at our corner and was done in a short time.

Question. Do you know what those men were doing in town on that day, and were they residents of the county or strangers so far as you know?

Answer. I knew some of them; some I did not. I don't know what they were doing that day.

Question. Who fired at the accused as he was running after you heard the report of the shotgun?

Answer. I don't know the gentleman; he belonged to the Federal Army.

Question. Where were you when you saw these soldiers turning the corner and what were you doing?

Answer. I was upstairs in my office.