War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0337 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSORI, ETC.

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Question. What sideqalk was it that you say the accused was standing on when the alarm was given that the Federal troops were coming? Describe the place.

Answer. It was on Fischer's sidewalk on Main street. The vindow of my office looked out to the north. The platform extended beyond the line of the court-house fence.

Question. Did you see the accused at the time the Fedeal soldiers first fired or notice where he went from the sidewalk?

Answer. I did not see him after he left the sidewalk until I saw him run.

Question. What did the Federal soldiers fire with?

Answer. I don't know with what kind or arms. The one that was wounded fired with holster pistol.

Question. Did you see a shotgun fired or hear the report of one? If so at what time before or after the firing by the Federal soldiers?

Answer. I heard the report of one after the firing by the Federal soldiers.

Question. Did you see the accused have a gun that day? If so when and where?

Answer. I saw him have it; when he was on the sidewalk he had a gun.

Question. From where you stood could you see distinctly the Federal soldiers as they turned the northeeast corner of the square?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you see the soldier who died? If so did you see his pistol?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw his pistol. I did not examin it. I saw a gentleman pick it up-Samuel H. Brown. It was a holster pistol.

Question. Do you know Mr. Mentor Thompson and George S. Brown, and did you or did you not see them in Georgetown that day?

Answer. I do know them and did see them there that day.

Question. Were you present at Kidd's Hotel when the accused was taken or surrendered? If so state the circumstances.

Answer. I was not at Kidd's Hotel. I did not see him until they had started out of town with him.

Question. Were you present at any conversation between Colonel Day and the accused on that day?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Is there any obstruction to the view from the northeast corner of the square to Henderson's house?

Answer. None at all; none from the fence. Henderson's house sets back from the road.

Question. From the printing office is the view to Henderson's obstructed?

Answer. No, sir. The distance from the printing office to the northeast corner of the court-house square is about 150 yards.

Question. Do you know whether the accused was or not a recruiting officer under the then governor, Jackson?

Answer. I do not.

Question. Can you state how many of the accused's men came gailoping giving the alarm?