War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0336 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Answer. Because I understood he was a recruiting officer and I had heard him call them his men when he wanted to purchase for them. By some he was called major and by some colonel.

Question. Do you know what was the object of the accused and his men in coming to Georgetown? Was he in command of a band for any particular purpose?

Answer. I do not; only as a recruiting officer.

Question. What are your sympathies in relation to the present troubles?

Answer. I am a strong Constitutional man.

The commission adjourned to meet on Monday next, February 17, 1862, at 10 a. m.

SAINT LOUIS, MO., February 17, 1862 - 10 a. m.

The commission met pursuant to adjournment, all the members present with the exception of Lieutenant-Colonel Fischer.

The proceedings of Saturday, February 15, were read over in part to the commission at the suggestion of the commission and the accused. The part read was the testimony of George S. Brown. The testimony of Lieutenant-Colonel Day and of Mentor Thompson, taken on Saturday, had been read to the commission and the witnesses on that day and the rereading was therefore dispensed with.

DANIEL E. SANDERS, a witness for the defense, was duly sworn.


Question. State your name, age and residence.

Answer. Daniel E. Sanders; twenty-one years old; Georgetown, Pettis County, Mo.

Question. If you know anything of a disturbance at Georgetown in August last arising from the entry of some U. S. soldiers into that vilage state it.

Answer. The accused came into town on that day, August (I don't remember the day) about 12 o'clock with twelve men, and I think it was about an hour after he came in when the alarm was given that the Federal troops were coming. At that time I saw Mr. Magoffin standing on the sidewalk, and in three minutes after the Federal soldiers came in. Just before they came in the part of Colonel Magoffin's men that went around the court-house square-I don't know whether they were sent-came running back in full speed on their horses. I suppose to the best of my recollection they were about fifty yards ahead of the Federal soldiers. Just as the Federal soldiers turned the corner of the square there was three or more came in first; there was between three and five shots fired at the men that were running; the shots were fired by the Federal soldiers. I did not know any of them at that time but became acquainted with them afterward-the one that was wounded. Well, after the shooting was over I saw Colonel Magoffin run; he was shot at once or twice as he run; he was found shot about an hour after that in Kidd's Hotel. That is all I know about it.

Question. At what place in the town was the accused when he was shot at by the Federal soldiers?

Answer. He was running south of Fischer's store in the direction of Kidd's Hotel-the back part of Kidd's Hotel.

Question. What corner of the court-house square was it that the Federal soldiers turned and where were you then?

Answer. They turned the northeast corner, there where I first saw them. I was in my office yp stairs over Fischer's. I was employed by Fischer settling his business.