War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0332 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. Where had you seen the accused last before you saw him in Georgetown that day?

Answer. I do not recollect where.

Question. Could you say whether the first pistol flash was from a man on horseback or on foot?

Answer. I could not, sir. I took it to be from one of the men on horseback.

Question. What obstruction prevented you seeing the northwest corner of the court-house square?

Answer. The trees in the court-house yard. The court-house itself would prevent my seein it from my position.

Question. How near the court-house square on its east front does the road run up which the three men galloped?

Answer. It runs right along the east side of the court-house square.

Question. Is the hill at Henderson's as high as the ground occupied by the court-house yard?

Answer. I think it is, sir.


Question. What was the distance from where you stood at Henderson's to the northeast corner of court-house square where you saw the soldiers turning the corner?

Answer. Well, sir, I think it was about 600 yards.

Question. You say in your statement that when the soldiers turned the northeast corner of court-house square you saw the flash of a pistol or gun. Could you readily tell at the distance you were off (600 yards) the flash or report of a pistol from a gun?

Answer. Well, I thought so, sir. I supposed it to be a pistol from the report.

Question. Did you see the accused with the body of men whom you saw come slowly riding down the street?

Answer. Yes, sir; he was with them.

Question. Do you know whether the accused had any particular connection with those men? and if so state what.

Answer. I don't know that he had any particular connection with them. I did not know the men.


Question. How long had you been in town before the accused came in?

Answer. I think I had been about one hour and a half-that is before I saw him.

Question. Did he give his men any order of a military character?

Answer. None that I heard.

Question. How were they clad?

Answer. All in citizens' dress. I noticed nothing peculiar in their dress. I did not notice theeir dress particularly.

Question. How far from the town plat is the place where you met the troops?

Answer. It is 250 yards, and there were two cross streets between me and the north side of the square. The court-house stands on the third block. One street is fifty feet wide and the street adjoining the square is sixty feet wide.