War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0331 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Do you know when they came into town that day or were they there when you went to town?

Answer. I think they came in after I got to town. I saw the party ride down the street and hitch their horses.

Question. How did they come in, at what place, and how long was this before you started home?

Answer. They were riding in a walk down the street all together in a line. I suppose it must have been one hour.

Question. Where did they hitch their horses?

Answer. Hitched them to the court-house square fence; some on the north and some on the west side of the square.

Question. Do you know where the accused hitched his horse?

Answer. Yes, sir; he hitched his horse at the northwest corner of the square.

Question. Were the accused and his men in the town when you left for home?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What were they doing if you know?

Answer. They were standing upon the street not doing anything particular.

Question. Did you see on that day any other body of armed men than those you have spoken of?

Answer. I did not, sir.

Question. What do you think was the amount of the force you saw at Henderson's, and did you know any of them?

Answer. I thought there were some twenty-five or thirty men at Henderson's. I knew none of the soldiers. I knew some of the citizens-civilians.

Question. Were all of the force you saw at Henderson's in uniform?

Answer. Of those three men that rode into town the last one I do not think was in military dress; the soldiers-all the rest were in uniform-the civilians were armed and on horseback.

Question. When you started from Henderson's for home where was the main body?

Answer. They were going up into town in the same direction as the other three.

Question. Do you remember how the accused was dressed that day?

Answer. No, sir; I don't believe I do. He had on citizen's dress-I recollect that. In his every-day dress, such as I had seen him in town there wear frequently before.

Question. Whereabouts in the town did you see the accused that day and what was he doing?

Answer. I saw him at Fischer's store and at the drug store; he was standing talking with some gentlemen.

Question. Where is Fischer's store and where the drug store?

Answer. Fischer's store is across the street from the northwest corner of court-house square. It is the corner house on the main cross street; two story frame building; stairs outside on the side of the building next to Main street. The drug store is across the street west, a little north of the center of the square, about fifty feet south of Fischer's.

Question. Do you know whether the armed civilians you saw at Henderson's were home guards?

Answer. I do not, sir; but I don't think they were.