War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0330 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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the hill made a move in the direction of the town. I remained in my position until I saw them at the southeast corner of the court-house yard or square. When at that corner or turning the corner I saw the flash of a pistol or gun as I supposed and heard the report, and what I supposed to be a pistol. Immediately after, the report of from two to five pistol shots as I supposed. I then heard the report of what I supposed to be a large shotgun or something of that sort; heard the report of two guns what I supposed to be shotguns. There were some two or three guns or pistols fired after that I could not tell which. I thought they were pistol shots. I then got in my buggy and left for home.

Question. What road did you come out of Georgetown to Henderson's?

Answer. The road from Georgetown to Sedalia. The men went into town by the same road that I came out.

Question. In coming from the town to Henderson's did you or not meet any body of armed men on horseback riding at full run toward the town?

Answer. I did not, sir.

Question. Did you leave the raod after starting from the town until you reached Henderson's?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. From your position at Henderson's had you a full view of the road from Henderson's to the northeast corner of the court-house?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you or not from your position at Henderson's see a body of armed men on horseback chased by the three soldiers you speak of?

Answer. I did not, sir.

Question. Did you lose sight of the three soldiers after they started at any time? If so state at what point.

Answer. Not until they turned the northeast corner of court-house square.

Question. Are you certain that you saw the smoke or flash and heard the report of a pistol at the northeast corner of the court-house square?

Answer. I am certain.

Question. How soon after you saw the flash and heard the first report before you heard the next report?

Answer. Within a few seconds.

Question. How soon after that before you heard the report of what you took to be a shotgun?

Answer. It was within a few seconds after that.

Question. From your position on the hill could you see the northwest corner of the court-house square?

Answer. Could not, sir.

Question. Could you tell from what point the report of the shotgun came?

Answer. No, sir; I could not.

Question. You say you saw the accused and twelve of his men. How were they armed?

Answer. They were armed with double-barreled shotguns. I did not notice particularly. I thought they were shotguns.