War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0328 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Answer. I did see Glasgow's pistol. I am unable to say how many charges were in it. It was a six-shooter. My impression is that I saw the pistol after we were ready to march from Georgetown to Sedalia.

Question. Do you remember or not whether that pistol was picked up from the ground by a citizen and handed to the orderly-sergeant?

Answer. I know nothing in regard to the manner in which the orderly obtained the pistol.

Question. You say you did not know from what place or direction the fire came when Glasgow reeled in his saddle. What prevented your knowledge of that fact?

Answer. I am unable to state.

Question. How far were the men you fired at from you when you fired?

Answer. To the best of my recollection they were off forty rods; they were not more and might have been less.

Question. Were they in sight of you when you made the turn at the court-house?

Answer. They were.

Question. Did the fifteen or twenty men more or less which you saw and chased half or three-quarters of a mile from the town, retire in a body or scatter?

Answer. They retired in a body.

Question. Will you say where it was you saw the muskets?

Answer. At the time I saw what I supposed to be muskets about half a mile from the court-house on the road leading toward Otterville, opposite a brick house on the hill.

Question. Did you see these men enter the town at a full run?

Answer. I did; the men that I saw on the hill.

Question. Are you acquainted with Mr. Mentor Thompson, wo lives near Georgetown-an elderly gentleman? If so did you see him leading a horse on the road at that hill before you charged into town?

Answer. I don't know that I am acquainted with him and have no recollection of seeing him on the road.

Question. Was the accused on the list of marked men which you say you had when you started from Jefferson City?

Answer. His name was not on the list.

Question. Was it or not notorious at Jefferson City among the officers of the United States that the accused was a recruiting officer for Price's army and that he had a camp of men?

Answer. It was. I suppose that was the reason it was not on the list.

Question. You say that when the man came to you leading a horse, saying it was Magoffin's horse that was the first intimation you had that the accused was in that part of the county. Where did you supppose him to be?

Answer. I supposed that he was in the army of the Missouri State Guard.

Question. Were you or not under great excitement at the time of your first interview with the accused and was it not a scene of great confusion and noise?

Answer. The time of my first interview with the accused I was not very much excited. There was continual noise and confusion.