War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0324 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. How near them had you reached when you entered the town?

Answer. I shouild judge when we entered the town we had gained about half a mile on them. By the time we were opposite the court-house they were about thirty or forty rods ahead of us.

Question. Had any portion of your force been sent south of your then position so as that they shoud approach from the south while you approached from the east?

Answer. No, sir. My directions to my pickets were to surround the town and to meet on the opposite side of town.

Question. Did the force advancing under your immediate command reach the town in a body or did any portion of it lead the advance itno the town?

Answer. They did not reach the town in a body; the horses that I had, the Illinois cavalry, were swifter than those of the home guards; the cavalry was ahead.

Question. Where, at what spot, did the home guard desert you?

Answer. I am unable to say. My impression is that they started with us but they dropped off; I can't say where to my own knowledge.

Question. Was any horsemen of your cavalry ahead of you when you got opposite the court-house?

Answer. I should think that Orderly Glasgow was half a horse ahead of me when we turned the corner. I think there was but three of us when we turned the corner, but I am not positive as I was looking ahead and not behind me. I entering and riding thourgh the town I am only positive that the court-house was on my right hand all the time. I think so.

Question. Did or not you see Glasgow drop his pistol when he reeled in his saddle?

Answer. I did not.

Question. State where you were when you saw him reel in his saddle?

Answer. He was agead of me when I saw him reel; can't be positive of the place. I passed him and saw he was wounded but did not see him fall, nor did I notice whether his horse changed his direction. The next time I saw Glasgow he was in a wagon-maker's shop, or blacksmith's shop, on the same street on which I entered; that is my impression. The entering part there I am confused about.

Question. Had you passed Kidd's Hotel before you fired, and how many persons did you fire at?

Answer. Yes; I had passed Kidd's Hotel, and the number of persons I could see was about four more or less.

Question. Were they in sight when you made the turn at the corner?

Answer. They were in sight after we made the turn. They were on horseback and with guns.

Question. Had your cavalry revolvers?

Answer. A portion of them had revolvers; those with me had revolves or horsepistols.

Question. How did you enter the town? Were your sabers drawn or pistols in hand, if you know?

Answer. Pistols in hand; sabers were not drawn.

Question. What number of men had Captain Mitchell and was he on your right or left or rear when you entered the town?

Answer. I do not know the exact number of men he had; say about sixty men. He took the right of the turn, and did not enter I think on my street until he got round to the west end of town.