War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0319 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. Was the gun you saw fired a rifle or shotgun, single or double-barreled?

Answer. Shotgun, double-barreled.

Question. Had the army passed the grocery where you stood when you came out?

Answer. They came in every which way.

Question. Do you know Satterwhite who keeps the grocery? Did you see him at the door at the time of the fire?

Answer. Yes, sir; I did see him at the door at the time of the fire.

Question. Are you certain that the accused fired but once?

Answer. That's all, sir, that I have any idea of; all that I seen.

Question. Were you looking at the person who shot the soldier before the shot?

Answer. I looked at him when he shot; dont't know that I looked at him before. I was just alooking about; saw him raise that gun up before he fired. He was down aholding of his horse.

Question. If the accused had fired twice is there any reason that you know of that would have prevented you from hearing it?

Answer. No, sir; I don't know any reason.

Question. You say you heard no other report of firearms that day. Did you see any other firearms around there that day? If so state what and who had them.

Answer. The U. S. Army was in. I saw firearms, pistols and swords I believe in the hands of the U. S. soldiers. I reckon there were some six or eight who were not U. S. soldiers who had these old shotguns.

Question. Did the galloping of the army make much noise?

Answer. I don't know, sir. They did not make much noise.

Question. Were there many persons in and about the grocery at the time of firing and were they dringking and noisy?

Answer. No, sir; only but few there and not drinking or noisy.

Question. When you were at McClure's did you see some men byu buckshot from Satterwhite?

Answer. No, sir; not that I had any idea of; not hat I recollect of anybody calling for buckshot.

Question. You say you were summoned as a witness. Were you called upon at Georgetown to look at the accused while he was a prisoner to see whether you could identify him as the man who shot?

Answer. Well, I don't know as they called me to look at him, but I was summoned as a witness that I seen it you know-well, all this transaction.

Question. Summoned by whiom to testify where-before what court or tribunal?

Answer. By U. S. Army. I believe it was Colonel Marshall. It was the Illinois. I was discharged without examination.

Question. Were the home guard about Georgetown or any of them dressed in uniform at that time?

Answer. I do not know, sir.

Question. Do you know the difference betwee the home guard and the soldiers of the United States?

Answer. No, sir; I don't know. Well, they all wear about the one dress I believe.