War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0318 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Answer. He fell off in about six or eight stept from the drug store on the street where the drug store stands in the direction of Main street, or nearer Main street then immediately in front of the drug store.

Question. When the gun fired was the side, face or back of the man who shot toward you?

Answer. His face was toward the drug store. The gun was pointed in the direction of the drug store.

Question. How far was the accused at the time he shot from the drug store?

Answer. He was about fifteen or eighteen steps, off, east of the durg store.

Question. Was the horse of the accused hitched; and if so to what fence?

Answer. I think he was astanding and holding of his horse, about six or eight steps from the fence of the court-house square.

Question. At the time of the shooting was any person near the accused? If any how many?

Answer. Well, I don't know; they were standing off about fifteen steps, or over it; don't know how many there was. Well, there was maybe 200 of them for what I know. There was a crowd of soldiers.

Question. Did you see the wound? If so in what part of the man was it?

Answer. Yes, I looked at him. He had a wound on the arm, left arm, and in the neck. I saw some holes in his arm; could not tell whether shot or bullets; saw some two or three in the arm one by the ear.

Question. Did you hear more than one report of army about the time of the shooting?

Answer. No, sir; that was all I heard.

Question. Before the fire did you hear any person or persons cry out to the accused that the soldiers were upon him or words to that effect?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Had you been drinking that day?

Anser. No; I reckon I had a horn in me; one was all that I had any idea of.

Question. You say you saw the accused after the fire; where was he when you say him?

Answer. Well, the army searched and found him. I do not know but that it was in Kidd's Inn. I did not see him until after the army got him in Kidd's Inn.

Question. If you know anything about the surrender of the accused that day at Kidd's Hotel state all you know about it.

Answer. I don't know anything of it. I saw the army go up after his was all.

Question. You said that you did not know Magoffin befor ethe shooting. Did not some one tell you that Magoffin was the man who shot and was not that your only knowledge that it was Magoffin who shot?

Answer. No; I was him. I did not know it was the accused until some one told me so; only I think he is the one. I saw him on the same evening afterward.

Question. Did you or not hear the home guard about Georgetown on that day or at any other time make threats against the life of the accused?

Answer. I heard the U. S. Army make threats against him-that was when it was all over though.