War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0317 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. How long have you lived in buncombe, and where did you live before your residence there?

Answer. Well, I have been about two months there. In old Kentucky I lived before my residence there. I lived or was staying at old Jackson Quisenberry's, in Pettis County. I am a man of family.

Question. Where is McClure's-on what street? Main or cross street?

Answer. Well, I don't know; it is on Main street I believe. If I was going west McClure is on the right-hand side. The drug store is on the cross street.

Question. Had you been inside of McClure's? If so what caused you to come out and what was the first thing that attracted your attention?

Answer. Yes, I had been in. Well, I saw this army in-all the U. S. Army-and was out because I wanted to look at them.

Question. Did the army come in before you came out at the door?

Answer. No, sir; after I was out they were in. Just as I came out the army came in. Saw them when I came out.

Question. Was the army on horseback or on foot? Was the army moving fast or show?

Answer. They were ahorseback; they looked like they was moving on, galloping.

Question. Were they armed or unarmed?

Answer. Yes, sir; they were armed. I don't dknow but what they had swords; whether they had muskets I dont't know. They had swords.

Question. Did the army all come in by the same road or street or by several streets? Was the town surrounded by the army?

Answer. They came in on all sides. The town was surrounded by the army-I don't know but what it was.

Question. How many of the army were there when you saw the gun fired?

Answer. Well, I don't know' there was a good many of them in there.

Question. Were any persons near the man who was shot at the time of the shooting? If any how many and who were they?

Answer. I don't know any of they. There were others looking on. I don't know how many there were of them. The soldiers were all round there everywhere at the time he was shot.

Question. At the time the gun fired were the backs of the soldiers to you or their faces?

Answer. I was on the side of them.

Question. Were the soldies at the time of the fire in Main street or in the street on which the drug store stands?

Answer. Well, they were all over it; every which way.

Question. Were the soldiers galloping toward the accused at the time the man was shot?

Answer. No, sir; the soldies passed on, you know; and as they passed on he shot. Not all had passed on.

Question. When the gun was fired did me man fall from his horse?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did he fall in Main street or in the street on which the drug store stands?