War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0311 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Question. How soon after the events you have related was it that you were taken, and where were you kept till carried off for Sedalia, and by whom were you taken?

Answer. I don't know exactly how long it was; it might have been half and hour or it micht have been an hour. Was kept on a horse. Soldiers came to the grocery and took me and carried me in back of Kidd's Hotel by the alley east of the hotel.

Question. What were you taken for?

Answer. Taken for a witness I suppose. I don't know what I was taken for.

Question. Could you see what was going on at the hotel from the place they kept you at? If not were you in hearing distance?

Answer. No, sir; after they took me there they immediately took me out on another street where I could not see the hotel. I was at hearing distance at a still time but owing to the noise in the street I could not hear anything at that distance.

Question. Did you or did you not know that the accused was then in the hotel and that it was surrounded by the U. S. forces for his capture?

Answer. I did not know where he was. I din not know that the soldiers were there for that purpose but supposed so, as heard some one say they were hunting for the man who shot at the soldier.

Question. State if you known whether or not the accused with a portion of his horce was at that time engaged in getting up clothing and provisions in the neighborgood of Georgetown for Price's army.

Answer. I don't know anything about it if he was.

Question. The men who asked for buckshot at your grocery that day before the disturbance, were they or were they not some of the men of the accused?

Answer. I don't know whose men they were.

Question. Did you know them?

Answer. I did not.

Question. Did they get the buckshot; and if not why?

Answer. No, sir; I don't think we had any in the house at that time.

Question. How many soldiers do you suppose you saw that day in Georgetown?

Answer. I suppose there were over fifty; there might have been a hundred; I don't know. I have not much idea of crowds especially at such times.

Question. Before that day were thete any U. S. cavalry stationed at Gergetown?

Answer. No, sir; I think not.

Question. Had you or not seen the accused in or about Georgetown for some time previous to that day? State how long.

Answer. I do not know how long it was before that day I had seen him. He might have been there without my seeing him.

Question. When and where were you released after you were taken into custody, and were you at any time informed why you were taken?

Answer. They took me to Sedalia and kept me there that night, and I went with them the next day on the road from Sedalia to Lexington and encamped with them that night and then the next morning they released me and I returned home. They told me they wanted me for a witness.

Question. Where was the accused then and what became of him?

Answer. I don't know where he was; I did not see him.