War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0310 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Question. State whether or not before accused raised his gun some person or persons in the crowd did not cry out to accused that the cavalry or soldiers were after him?

Answer. I did not hear it if they did.

Question. Can you give us no idea of the character of the noise or disturbance which caused you to go to the door?

Answer. I cannot, sir. I don't know what caused me to go to the door.

Question. You say the street was at a certain time filled with soldiers and citizens. State whether the soldiers were on horseback; and were they armed?

Answer. Yes, sir; they were; and were on horseback, and had sabers I know, and pistols I think.

Question. Did you see any soldier fall or reel in his saddle at the first fire?

Answer. No; I did not at the first fire.

Question. Do you know who fired the second time?

Answer. I do not.

Question. When you went to the door after hearing a second report of fire-arms did or did you not see a considerable number of soldiers on horseback galloping up the street?

Answer. I don't know whether I saw any at that time or not-the second time I went to the door.

Question. Where did the mounted soldiers you saw in numbers come from-up the street, down the street or from across the street or elsewhere?

Answer. I don't know where they came from; they were all up around me before I knew where they came from.

Question. State whether or not the town of Georgetown was surrounded that day before the time of the shooting of which you have spoken by a large cavalry force of the United States for the purpose of capturing the accused?

Answer. If it was I did not know anything about it.

Question. Did you or did you not hear more than two reports of firearms during the disturbance?

Answer. I do not remember of hearing more than two.

Question. Do you know whether in point of fact the accused was taken prisoner at that time in Georgetown by the forces of the United States?

Answer. I saw him on horseback after that on the same day going with the troops to Sedalia.

Question. How long was this after the occurrence you have related?

Answer. I do not remember how long it was; it was not a great while; it was not sundown; it was in the afternoon some time.

Question. HOw far is Kidd's hotel from your grocery and is it in sight of your grocery?

Answer. It is in sight of our grocery, and is something over 100 yards from grocery on the south side of the street.

Question. Did you not see a crowd of soldiers around that hotel shortly after the firing?

Answer. I did.