War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0309 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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Answer. It was in the afternoon; can't recollect exactly; but could not have been long after 12 o'clock.

Question. What became of the body of the man whom you saw helped from his horse by the negro?

Answer. I never saw the man after he was taken off his horse by the negro. I was taken away an hour or two afterward to Sedalia.

Question. Describe the gun the acused had in his gand if in your power.

Answer. I can't do it. I just saw it was a gun; looked like a common-sized gun not a musket; can't say whether it was a shot-gun or a rifle; whether it was a single-barrel or double-barrel gun.


Question. What sort of a crocery was that and in what capacity were you acting there?

Answer. We had at that time tobacco, whisky, cigars and some little hardware. I was clerk there.

Question. Will you describe the relative positions of the accused and the three soldiers on horseback when you first saw them?

(He makes a diagram to show the positions of the parties. Marked G and attached to these proceedings.)

The hour of 3 p. m. having arrived adjourned until to-morrow, February 11, 1862, at 10 a. m.

SAINT LOUIS, MO., February 11, 1862 - 10 a. m.

The commission met pursuant to adjournment, all the members present with the exception of Lieutenant-Colonel Fischer.

The accused, Ebenezer Magoffin, also present.

The proceedings of yesterday were being read to the commission by the judge-advocate when at the suggestion of the commission and the accused the further reading was dispensed with on the ground that the testimony would be read to the witness some time during the morning.

The examination of the witness, WILLIAM SATTERWHITE, was resumed.


Question. Were the three soldiers on horseback armed? If so state how armed.

Answer. I do not remember whether they had sabers or not. I did not notice particularly what they had.

Question. State whether or not the three mounted soldiers were followed by other mounted soldiers. If so state how many.

Answer. I did not see any at that time.

Question. At the time of the first fire observed by you had the mounted soldiers passed your door?

Answer. No, sir; they had not.

Question. When you saw the gun raised state whether you did or did not immediately go back into the grocery from the fright?

Answer. I did not go into the grocery until I heard the report. I then went into the grocery to get out of the way for fear they should shoot me.