War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0212 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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from Palmyra has been received. It is clear that strong measures must be taken with Palmyra, Marion County and possibly with Shelby. If the facts set forth in your dispatch be not modified in some way by your official letter you will please notify the county authorities of Marion and the town authorities of Palmyra that the persons who fired on the train from that town and who searched the telegraph office must be given up to the military authorities. Give them six days to do it with the understanding that if not done at the expiration of that time a levy of $10,000 on the county and $5,000 on the town will be made and collected. Of course in this levy you will spare the undoubted Union men. You can collect this amount in money, provisions or forage, or means of transportation, selecting such articles as will be most useful to the forces under your command.

Under present circumstances I think you had best make your headquarters at Palmyra and concentrate all your forces and supplies at that point. Colonel Morgan has authority from General Fremont to raise a force of 500 men in Linn County and has made requisitions for various supplies. He as well as all the forces in that region will come under your command and you can dispose of them as in your judgment will best serve the public interest. Morgan can probably take care of the line of road west of Macon City as there seems to be little trouble in that quarter. You had best get together as many home guards or other forces from the country as are needed to put down these troubles in your midst. So far as I can ascertain most of our troubles along the road come from Marion County. In the northeast Colonel Bussey was to enter Missouri some days since with 1,000 cavalry and march slowly through the counties north of you approaching Hudson so as to open communication with you and co-operate with you in any way you may desire. Of course all such forces will come under your command whilst in your section of country.

I do not wish you to confine your special attention to any particular line but exercise supervision over all that region, acting promptly according to your judgment and the orders furnished you at various times. Reports your operations often and fully that I may be exactly advised of all matters of interest. If the offenders are not produced notify the county and town authorities of precisely the quantity of forage, provisions, &c., each must furnish to cover the amounts of money specified and inform them distinctly that if it be not furnished on the day you specify at Palmyra you will send out forces and seize where you can find it at least double the quantity of everything. Give them a reasonable time in which to furnish these articles and if they be not furnished by the expiration of that time proceed promptly to execute the levy. If they can inform you specifically and properly attested to before a magistrate where the marauders came from send to that place and county and have the levy made there. Some severe example is needed or we shall be harassed constantly by these robbers and assassins. Have the men who did the firing or searching tried by a military commission which you will order and at once execute the sentence of the commission upon them. I will endeavor to send you the wagons as you request.

I am, general, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.