War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0193 EARLY EVENTS IN MISSOURI, ETC.

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VI. All illegal assemblages will be promptly broken up by commanding officers nearest the place where they may be held and all persons taken in arms against the United States will be immediately sent forward to Mexico to be disposed of by the general commanding.

VII. Each commanding officer will send out such patrols and scout ing parties as may be necessary to keep him informed of all matters pertaining to his jurisdiction, and will be vigilant and prompt in suppressing all combinations against the authority of the United States or the peace of the country. No arrest will be made for opinion's sake unless the parties are engaged in open acts of hostility or are stimulating others to such acts by inflammatory words or publications. It is the mission of the forces under my command in North Missouri to restore peace and safety to a region distracted with civil commotion and to bring to punishment the infamous assassins and incendiaries who have been infesting this country.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Hudson, July 25, 1861.

Lieutenant-Colonel WILSON,

Commanding Sixteenth [Illinois] Regiment:

You will on Friday next repair to post at Musle Fork and take command of a detachment of fifty men, to be drawn in your judgement from Captain Johnson's company and from the company east of that point, the commander of which you will notify in time. With this command proceed with such means of transportation by wagons as can be obtained and guides perfectly familiar with the country; you will move by the best route toward New Boston, timing yourself so as to arrive there about 9 a. m. of Saturday. If on information of the guides it will be practicable to conceal yourselves within a mile or two of New Boston you will start early enough to reach the place of concealment before daylight. If not perfectly certain of this do not arrive there before 9. Move upon the town from the south and east; occupy it. If you find as I am informed you will secessionists assembled for drill charge them rapidly, kill and disperse drive them if possible to the north and west, where they will be intercepted by Washington Home Guards, under command of W. S. Buckley. The instant they are disperse if found there let detachments search houses and stores and outbuildings for ammunition and arms. If any man resist your search by violence after being notified shoot him. Collect all arms and ammunition in the hands of men not known to be loyal; arrest Doctor Prior, Morris and any other leaders or any man in whose possession more than ordinary quantities of arms and ammunition may be found. You will give to the Washington Home Guards when they join you all such ammunition and arms as they need from the captured stock. This movement must be made without fail as the Washington Home Guards will be on hand. You are charged with making the necessary detail to carry out this order. If more than fifty men can be spared safely from the post you will take not to exceed seventy-five.


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army.