War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0192 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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road is committed have been selected from those of property and respectability without regard to political opinions; and I think that as soon as they can be made to realize that any disturbances among them, any combinations against the Government and any attempt to destroy the lines of railroad will lead to immediate reprisals upon themselves they will take such measures as will be necessary to prevent them. It requires but little effort on the part of the citizens of this section of country to preserve peace and order among themselves, and the moment they are furnished with such reasons for active interference as I have given them I do not doubt that all trouble will be at an end north of the Missouri River. I have applied the same system to all parts of North Missouri and will go forward in the morning to see them put in operation over the whole district. I am aware that these measures may seem at first sight to be harsh; but when it is considered that those calling themselves Union men and good citizens will not only not resist these lawless acts of outrage and these infamous assassinations of persons employed in the public service, but will absolutely refuse to interpose or to give the names of persons in their very midst who are and have been engaged in such atrocious transactions, I think the course I have adopted will appear sufficiently mild for the case. I transmit also copies of orders issued from these headquarters for your information. As soon as I learn that you have reached Saint Louis I will report to you in person.

Respectfully, general, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.




Mexico, July 24, 1861.

I. By virtue of instructions received from Major-General Fremont, U. S. Army, the undersigned assumes the command of all the forces in North Missouri.

* * *

V. * * * The printed notice * transmitted with this order will be circulated as extensively as possible by each commander within the limits hereafter fixed, and each commanding officer will report to the district headquarters as soon as practicable the names and residences of proper persons to be appointed as specified in the printed notice, dividing for that purpose their respective district into subdivisions not exceeding seven miles in extent. The jurisdiction of the commanding officer at Warrenton will extend as far north as Montgomery City and as far south as the line of Saint Charles County near Millville; of the commanding officer at Mexico from Montgomery City on the south to include Centralia on the north; of the commanding officer at Renick from Centralia to Macon City; of the commanding officer of the forces east and west of Macon City from Hannibal and Quincy to Saint Joseph, with such subdivision as he may designate. Within these limits the commanding officers will comply strictly with the terms of the printed notice herewith inclosed, and will immediately select proper persons without regard to political opinions (preferring men of property and respectability) to report to the general commanding as fit to be appointed superintendents of the divisions and subdivisions of the railroad specified by the commanders respectively.


* See "Notice," July 21, 1861, p. 189.