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Hudson City, July 19, 1861.

For the purpose of more orderly and satisfactory control of the Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad and the maintenance of the various important points that road will be divided into two divisions and four sections. The first division will extend from Saint Joseph to Brookfield; the second division from Brookfield to the Mississippi River at Hannibal and Quincy.

The first section of the road will extend from Saint Joseph to Hamilton, and will be held by the Second Iowa Regiment Lieutenant-Colonel Tuttle, headquarters at Saint Joseph. The second section from Hamilton to Brookfield will be held by the Third Iowa Regiment, headquarters at Chillicote. The third section from Brookfield to Salt River will be held by the Sixteen Illinois, Colonel R. F. Smith., headquarters at Hudson City. The fourth section from Saint River to Hannibal and Quincy will be held by the Fourteenth Illinois Regiment, headquarters at Palmyra.

Each regiment will gradually draw in within its own lines as fast as relieved by the appropriate force and keep communication at least daily from each post to headquarters of regiment. Reasonable force will always be held at headquarters to assist any post in case of attack or for scouting duty. One company of Third Iowa will occupy Brookfield and will be joined by one company from Sixteenth Illinois, after which that point will be held jointly by the two companies. Detail of movements to make necessary changes will be ordered by Colonel Williams within the first division and Colonel Thomas in the second under directions from the brigadier-general.


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army,

Commanding Line of Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad.

HUDSON CITY, July 19, 1861.

Colonel SMITH, Missouri Volunteers.

SIR: By telegraphic orders from Brigadier-General Pope, now commanding in chief in North Missouri, I moved from Quincy yesterday morning at 10 o'clock; took up Grant's regiment, Twenty-first Illinois, 840 strong, and have here in addition 400 of Colonel Palmer's (Fourteenth Illinois). I took possession of this end of the road last night under reports of destruction of bridges and culverts. My orders were to open the road to Mexico and meet General Pope there to-day. Mr. Moulton, superintendent of the road, reports, with an engine, from you to-day that you need no further aid. I return the engine to you and send this by reliable messenger, and will hold my command until you return me message as to the state of things. This you can do by returning same engine, or in the most rapid manner, and send on communications to General Pope who should be at Saint Charles or on the road up.

Yours, respectfully,


Brigadier-General, U. S. Volunteers.