War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0164 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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Saint Louis, February 3, 1862.

I. Where an exchange of prisoners of war is made under authority from these headquarters a descriptive list of the persons so exchanged will be sent to the assistant adjutant-general of the department exhibiting in parallel columns the names and rank of the parties exchanged with the designation of the companies, regiments or corps to which they belong. These lists should also state the time and place of capture and whether or not the parties exchanged had been released on parole.

II. All prisoners of war belonging to the U. S. Army or volunteers on parole in this department will report by letter to the assistant adjutant-general of the department stating name and rank, with the designation of company, regiment or corps to which they belong, the time and place of capture, the nature of parole (with copy if possible), in order that may be dully exchanged.

III. All prisoners of war belonging or claiming to belong to the Confederate forces now in this department who desire an exchange will make similar reports to the assistant adjutant-general of the department. It is proper to remark in this connection that persons charged with the violations of the laws of war spies, bridge-burners, marauders, &c., will not be exchanged but will be held for trial under such charges; and that those under such charges who are willing to take the oath of allegiance and give security for their future good conduct may if deemed expedient be released without exchange. All persons exchanged as prisoners of war will be sent to the enemy's lines under a proper escort and will not be permitted to remain in this department.

IV. It having been ascertained that officers of the enemy have proposed for exchange the names of a number of our troops as prisoners of war on parole who have already been exchanged it is directed that no exchange of persons not in actual custody will be made without special authority from these headquarters.

V. The following tariff of exchange proposed by Major General Sterling. Price is adopted and will be followed until further orders: Where the same grades cannot be exchanged for each other 2 of the next lower grade will be substituted-that is 1 major-general for 2 brigadiers, or 4 colonels, or 8 lieutenant-colonels, or 16 majors, or 32 captains, or 64 lieutenants, or 128 non-commissioned offices, or 225 privates. In this tariff no distinction will be made between first and second lieutenants, or between sergeants and corporals. Of course alternations of grades can be made where necessary on the same basis. Musicians, wagoners and others will be exchanged as privates or non-commissioned officers according as they are rated in our service.

By command of Major-General Halleck:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Saint Louis, February 8, 1862.

I. In General Orders, Numbers 30, current series, section 5, in relation to the tariff of exchange of prisoners of war proposed by Major-General Price, agreed to by the major-general commanding this department and