War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0150 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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tegraiton of the Federal Union; that I disclaim and denounce all faith and fellow-ship with the so-called Confederate armies and pledge my honor, my property and my life to the sacred performance of this my solemn oath of allegiance to the Government of the United States of America.

By order of Brigadier-General Curtis:


Major and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.



Saint Louis, December 12, 1861.

I. The suffering families driven by rebels from Southwestern Missouri which have already arrived here have been supplied by voluntary contributions made by Union men; others are on the way to arrive in a few days. These must be supplied by the charity of men known to be hostile to the Union. A list will be prepared of the names of all persons of this class who do not voluntarily furnish their quota and a contribution will be levied on them of $10,000 in clothing, provisions and quarters, or money in lieu thereof. This levy will be made upon the following classes of persons in proportion to the guilt and property of each individual: first, those in arms with the enemy who have property in this city; second, those who have furnished pecuniary or other aid to the enemy or to persons in the enemy's service; third, those who have verbally, in writing or by publication given encouragement to insurgents and rebels.

II. Brigadier General S. R. Curtis, U. S. Volunteers, Lieutenant Colonel B. G. Farrar, provost-marshal-general, and Charles Borg, esq., assessor of the county of Saint Louis, will constitute a board of assessors for levying the afore-mentioned contribution. In determining the amount of property of the individuals assessed the board will take into consideration the official assessment lists for municipal taxes.

III. As soon as any part of this contribution has been assessed by the board the provost-marshal-general will notify the parties assessed, their agents or representatives, stating the amount of provisions, clothing or quarters and the money value thereof required of each; and if not furnished within the time specified in such notice he will issue an execution and sufficient property will be taken and sold at public auction to satisfy the assessment with costs and a penalty of 25 per cent. in addition. Where buildings or parts of buildings are to be used and where any of the sufferers are to be quartered on families care should be taken to produce as little inconvenience to the owners or families as possible, this not being considered a military contribution levied upon the enemy but merely a collection to be made from friends of the enemy for charitable purposes.

IV. If any person upon whom such assessment shall be made shall file with the provost-marshal-general an affidavit that he is a loyal citizen and has been true to his allegiance to the United States he will be allowed one week to furnish evidence to the board to vindicate his character; and if at the end of that time he shall not be able to satisfy the board of his loyalty the assessment shall be increased 10 per cent. and the levy immediately made.

V. The supplies so collected will be expended for the object designated under the direction of the provost-marshal-general with the advice of the State Sanitary Commission. Where moneys are received in lieu of supplies it will be expended for them as they may be required.