War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0087 THE TEXAS SURRENDER.

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Norfolk, Va., April 2, 1862.

Major General JOHN E. WOOL.

Commanding Department of Virginia.

SIR: I send herewith by flag of truce Lieutenant-Colonel Bromford, U. S. Army, exchanged for Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram, C. S. Army. Both of these gentlemen are released from their paroles from this date.

Your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

FORT MONROE, April 6, 1862.

Captain FOX, Assistant Secretary:

* * * *

A flag of truce this p. m. brought down following released prisoners of war from Richmond: Colonel Bromford, Lieutenant Van Dorn, Captain Bliss, U. S. Army, taken in Texas last summer. * * *


HAGERSTOWN, MD., April 7, 1862.

General L. THOMAS,

Adjutant-General U. S. Army, Washington City, D. C.

GENERAL: If provision has not already been made for my exchange I have the honor respectfully to request of the honorable Secretary of War that a proposition for my exchange may be presented, through General Wool or other source, with Captain Thomas K. Jackson, chief commissary of General Buckner's staff, surrendered at Fort Donelson, Tenn., and formerly of the U. S. Army, now confined, I think, at Fort Warren. If this request cannot at present be entertained I have the honor to ask that I may be put on duty with the Coast Survey, or in some capacity elsewhere no conflicting with my parole. My history as a prisoner is too well known to the Department to need recapitulation here, yet I trust that it will be considered that I have been a prisoner almost a year, nearly for months of which was passed in Texas. Will you be pleased, general, to inform me of the action of the Department upon this request.

With the highest respect, I am, general, your obedient servant,


Captain, Eighth Infantry, U. S. Army.


Fort Monroe, April 8, 1862.

Lieutenant Colonel I. V. D. REEVE, U. S. Army,

Washington, D. C.

SIR: In reply to your communication of the 4th instant I find from the records of these headquarters that Major-General Huger refused to accept Major H. A. Gilliam, Seventh North Carolina Volunteers, in exchange for yourself, he being a volunteer office. No exchange have been effected since the 22nd of February, General Huger having no