War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0031 THE TEXAS SURRENDER.

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informing the undersigned of his having received our communication and that he expected to be at or near Seguin on the 13th of 14th with whatever force he could raise.

After dispatching our communication to you we determined, if possible, to prevent the necessity of resorting to a display of force around this city, and with that object in view we again communicated with General Twiggs in writing, requesting from him a written statement of what he was willing to do. The answer to this was an order to Major Vinton, Major Maclin, and Captain Whiteley to confer with the undersigned to transact such business as relates to the disposition of public property. On the receipt of this communication, on the morning of the 9th, we replied that we would meet the military commission at 12 o'clock that day, at such place as they might designate, and, if that hour did not suit their convenience, then at such time and place as they might designate that afternoon. The answer expressed a desire to meet the committee at General Twiggs', at 10 a. m. on the 11th. We will to-morrow present our request in writing, and the answer will enable the committee to judge with a reasonable certainty whether the whole proceeding is not intended for delay, until General Twiggs can call in several companies from the outposts and the additional re-enforcements of several soldiers en route with a provision train from the coast for Arizona. Upon one point General Twiggs is fixed and apparently unalterable - that is, that the troops in Texas under out of the State.

What do you think of that? Please give the views of the committee on this and every other subject connected with our mission as fully and speedily as possible. We again repeat that it is not desirable that a single company of U. S. troops shall move to New Mexico or Arizona. If the troops of the Northern Government concentrates in either of those Territories, we believe, from their peculiar position, that it will fix their status as "free soil" Territories, and leave us a nest of hornets to deal with in the future.

We will require means for the subsistence of the troops that may be called out by General McCulloch or from this city and vicinity. We desire some information on this point, as your committee must be aware that the readiness with which the necessary expenses are met in the commencement may have a salutary influence in many respects upon our cause in the future.

If there is any action had or information obtained respecting the Northern posts it might be desirable that we should be put in possession of such information, as it may influence our action materially.

Very respectfully,




AUSTIN, TEX., February 12, 1861.



GENTLEMEN: Your letter bearing date of the 10th instant to me has been received. In view of the committee's departure this afternoon for Galveston they cannot be got together, even if it were necessary. The result of the action of the committee on the subjects contained in this communication I think is full, and hope will meet your views.