War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0030 PRISONERS OF WAR, ETC.

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SAN ANTONIO, BEXAR COUNTY, February 8, 1861.


SIR: The undersigned, by virtue of the powers vested in them by the committee of public safety, do hereby authorize and direct you, in the name and by the authority of the State of Texas, to call out and select such numbers of the volunteer force or "minute men" as you may deem necessary for securing and protecting the public property of San Antonio. Upon the assembling of the force you will proceed without delay to San Antonio and report to the undersigned when you arrive in the vicinity of the city.




Commissioners of Committee of Public Safety.

FEBRUARY 9, 1861.


SIR: Having received information that the commissioners, Samuel A. Maverick and others, sent to San Antonio to confer with General Twiggs, have under their instructions called you into the field, the committee have resolved to confer upon you the military commission of colonel of cavalry, to date as of the 3rd instant, in the district embracing a point on the Rio Grande half-way between Forts Duncan and McIntosh, and with the frontier to Fort Chadbourne, including San Antonio and all intermediate posts.

And in addition to the instructions given to the commissioners heretofore (with whom you are advised freely to confer on all subjects of interest as far as possible) you are instructed that should it be deemed advisable to retain any portion or all of the Federal troops in your district in the temporary service of the State, you can do so, and assure them that Texas will use her best endeavors with the Southern Confederacy to be formed to have them incorporated into the army of said Confederacy with the same rank now held by them. In case any or all of them should express a desire to depart from the country peaceably, you may permit them so to do upon such terms as will not dishonor them and as will insure the public safety, and in such manner as will insure safety to their persons and property.

The committee also desire that the commissioners will, under the powers heretofore given them, furnish such aid and assistance as may be deemed necessary. In all other matters not contained in these or the previous instructions, you will observe your best judgment and discretion in any emergency which may present itself. Any information that you may desire to give to the committee will be expressed to John C. Robertson, Galveston, Tex.


Chairman Committee of Public Safety.



Secretary to Committee.

SAN ANTONIO, February 10, 1861.

JOHN C. ROBERTSON, Chairman Committee of Public Safety.

DEAR SIR: We have nothing to communicate since our letter of the 8th, unless it be the receipt of a communication from Colonel McCulloch