War of the Rebellion: Serial 114 Page 0025 THE TEXAS SURRENDER.

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panies in this department will reach Green Lake by the 15th or 20th April, except seven companies of the Eighth Infantry stationed at Forts Bliss, Quitman, Davis, and Stockton, which cannot be at the coast and ready to embark before the first week in May. "

Lieutenant Bell states that the vessel laden with oil for the light-houses on the coast of Texas which was seized some time ago by the Texas authorities had been released and allowed to depart.


THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Travis:

By virtue of the authority vested in the committee of public safety, as will appear by the accompanying resolutions, adopted by the convention of the people of the State of Texas, by their delegates in convention assembled, at the city of Austin, on the 28th day of January, 1861, you, Thomas J. Devine, Samuel A. Maverick, P. N. Luckett and J. H. Rogers, are hereby appointed commissioners to visit Major-General Twiggs, commanding the Eighth division, stationed at San Antonio, and confer with him, and in the name and by the authority of the people of Texas, in convention assembled, to demand, receive, and receipt for all military, medical, commissary, and ordnance stores, arms, munitions of war, and public moneys, &c., under his control, within the limits of the State of Texas, exercising all due discretion for the securing and safe-keeping of the same, to be held by you without loss or injury, subject to the orders of the committee of public safety, and in obedience to the provisions of such rules as the convention may prescribe.

Witness my hand and the order of the committee of safety. Done at the city of Austin, this 5th day of February, 1861.


Chairman of Committee of Public Safety.





Resolved by the people of the State of Texas by delegates in convention assembled, That should the standing committee of public safety deem it essential to the public safety to appoint commissioners, officers, or persons, in reference to taking possession of any of the Federal property within the limits of this State, they shall have power to appoint such and assign to them their duties, and give them instructions under which they shall act; but this power shall only extend to such cases in which the committee may deem prompt action and secrecy absolutely necessary.

That a copy of this resolution, signed by the president of this convention, and the appointment and instructions signed by the Honorable J. C. Robertson, chairman of said committee, shall be full authority to the person or persons acting under the same, and a full justification for all acts done in pursuance thereof.

Done by the people of Texas, in convention assembled, by their delegates, at the city of Austin, this 2nd February, A. D. 1861.


President of the Convention.