War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0933 Chapter LXIII.CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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CHULA, May 14, 1864.

Honorable J. A . SEDDON:

Enemy attacked our forces at Flat Creek bridge this morning. After a sharp fight, they retreated by the road they cme. It is thought they will go by Clover Hill Mine. Our losss 2 killed and 2 wounded; enemy's loss about 20 killed and 4 wounded, and 9 prisoners in our hands. They carried off many of their killed and wounded. Chula Stationa and one engine burned.



RICHMON, d VA., May 15, 1864.

GenerL R. E. LEE, Commanding, &c:

GENERAL: Your dispatch of yestereday received. Have dricted all orgainized infantry and cavalry to come forward from the Departmetn of South Carolina, Georgia, an part of Florida. General Beauregard is at Drewry's Bluff. Agyrt a long conference yestedayhe agreed to bring forward Whiting ffom Petersburg with two brigades of infantry, two regiments of cavalry, and several batteries of light artillery, and these, with the troops on north side of James River, in defenses of Richmond, to attack the enemy. I hope we can cvut hisnow extended line, and prevent him fromgetting back tohis base, anbeat him so as to prevent anyf urther touble from that source. If this hope be filfilled, we can then re- enforce you, and enable you to close your brilliant campaign with a complete victory. A train goes this noon with supplies for you. I am endevoring to get out reserves in Virginia and North Carolina to guard lines of ocmmunication and depots, so as to liberate the veteran troops. Then McCausland's brigade and the troops of Breckinridge will be disposable. God be praised for the support he has given to our Army, and accept my graterful tanks for the glorious deeds you have done. Ihave been pained to hear of our exposure of your person in variojs conflicts. The country could not bear the loss of you, and k my dear friend, though you are prone to forget yourself, you will not, I trust, again forget the public interest dpeendent on your life.

Very truly, yours,




May 15, 1864.

[General R. S . EWELL:]

GENERAL: General Lee bids me say that he has received a report from General Chambliss stating that the enemy has advanced from Gayle's house, and hjolds the road on which our cavalry has been all day passing from Spotsylvnaia Court- House by churc in woods near Gayle's house. They arde reported also to be moving down Telegraph road frommassaponax Church, and were said to have reached Smith's Mils. An orderly has bee captured with an order of Meade's, ordering two days' rations. Some movement or attack is indicated, and GenerL lee has ordered Anderson fromour left to take position on the right. The enemy may make a night attack as before, or commence at early dawn, or may push ona and endeaveor to pass us. He wihses you to loo9k our on the left an dbe on the alert.

I am, very respcetfully, youir obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.