War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0853 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Woodstock, April 8, 1864.

Brigadier General J. D. IMBODEN,

Commanding Valley District:

GENERAL: I have nothing new to report from the front of any movement, excepting that Cumberland is reported garrisoned with negro troops. The same is reported of Martinsburg. The First New York Cavalry leaves this ditrict, but I am as yet unable to report its destination. Some ladies whom I know have just arrived from Charlestown and report that the enemy have shipped their stores from Halltown and do not even allow produce to come into their lines, having turned back eight wagons of flour and wheat yesterday morning. They say a rumor exists in Jefferson that the railroad is to be guarded by negro troops and that the whites are to be sent to Grant and Burnside. Captain Calmese went below yesterday on a scout to cover some foraging parties sent into Clarke and Frederick Counties, and when he returns I expect authentic reports. He took 125 men, a force sufficient, I think, not only to cover the foraging parties but to encounter successfully any party the enemy may send alter him. The chief object is to gather forage, and he has orders to secure that and not entangle himself unnecassarily with the enemy.

Your obedient servant,


P. S.-Gilmor's battalion has only thirty-five horses fit for duty, and his transportation is entirely useless, more of an incumbrance than anything else. It is a shame that no better care has been destroyed upon it. The neglectful manner in which the affairs of that battalion have been administered is certainly culpable in the extreme. I find scarce any one connected with it devoted to the service. Captain Ross has fine material in his company, but lacks reliable officers. Captain Owings has reported, but as he has not bonded I shall keep Hancock in charge of my quartermaster's department. He is by far the best man for it.

T. S. D.



Woodstock, April 9, 1864.

Brigadier General J. D. IMBODEN,

Cavalry, Valley District:

SIR: I have the pleasure of reporting Captain Calmese's return. The fruits of his scout are material: 30 Yankees belonging to the Sixth Virginia Cavalry, 10 days' forage, and about 25 days' rations bacon. He encoutnered the enemy in Winchester 157 strong. Charged them promptly and pursued them to Stephenson's Depot, capturing the number above mentioned, together with twenty-eigh horses. The captain reports the enemy leaving Harper's Ferry. They have already left Halltown.

Your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding.



April 10, 1864.

Respectfully forwarded for information of commanding general.

If I thought it possible to subsist my horses on the expedition, I would, as soon as the streams fall make a move on the railroad about