War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0848 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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duplicate copy will be indoresed a statement of the payment made, and this will be retained and placed on file at the headquarters of the command.

IV. When an assessment of the injury deemed necessary in consequence of the occupation of property by troops shall have received the approval of the general commanding, the quartermaster of the command camped thereon will pay the owner or his proper representative for so much thereof as is embraced in the regulation allowance of fuel or other supplies properly chargeable to the quartermaster's department and at the rates established throughout the army or department. Upon one copy of the report of the assessment he will take the receipt of the owner or his proper representative for the amount paid him, and retain this as a woucher, to be transmitted to the Quartermaster-General with his next regular returns. On the duplicate copy of the report of the assessment, to be given to the owner of the property or his proper representative, the quartermaster willl indorse a full statement of the payment he has made on account thereof, for the information and guidance of those to whom the War Department may intrust the settlement of such claims against the Goverment.

V. It having been reported that the ninety-seventh paragraph of the regualtions is not properly observed throughout the army, the general commanding directs that special attention be called to it, and that commanding officers be held accountabel fro a strict compliance with all its requirements in their respective commands.

By command of General R. E. Lee:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Richmond, April 4, 1864.


Major General M. L. Smith is now here awaiting assignment. He prefers a division, but there is none to give him. Whether he fills General Lee's reqirements am unable to say, as we have never served together. It seems to be the best you can do. I fully concur with the general that all should be speedily attended to.

Most respectfully,



BURWELL'S BAY, April 4, 1864.


Chief of Signal Corps:

SIR: I have the honor of submitting the following report, viz: General Grant was at Fort Monroe on last Friday reviewing the troops and inspecting the fortifications. He left there for Norfolk on Saturday. Four thousand wheelbarrows were landed at Fort Monroe on last Friday; their destination as yet unknown. It is reported and believed that active operations are being made for an early advance on Richmond by three ways mentioned before in my last report. No further news from Chapman; his trial not as yet concluded. On account of the inclemency of the weather papers of later dates could not be obtained.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Commander of the Boat.