War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0633 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.--UNION.

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Revised U. S. Regulations, 1863. The non-commissioned officers will be appointed by commandants of companies and all company officers by the officer of the quartermaster's department in whose charge the respective employes are. Clerks, superintendents, and foremen of gangs should generally be selected for these positions.

4. The employes of each officer will constitute an independent organization by themselves, to be under his own immediate command. Where the number of employes is less than 200 they will be organized into one or two companies, according as the number is greater or less than 100, and turned over to some other officer who has at least two companies, the quartermaster in charge to accompany the. When they number three companies or more the officer in charge will perfect an organization in the nature of a battalion or regiment; if twelve companies or more, an organization int the nature of a brigade, the field and staff offices throughout to be appointed by the officer of the quartermaster's department in whose charge said employes are.

5. The necessary arms and equipments will be supplied by the ordnance department on requisition approved at this office, and blank cartridges and ammunition for practice, from time to time, as may be required.

6. One hour per day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week, from 5 p. m. to 6 p. m., will be set a Part for company and battalion drill. By this means the few simple evolutions of the company and of the line absolutely necessary for troops to act together will be acquired sufficiently to render the force mobile and effective. A general parade and review will be ordered at least once a month and perhaps oftener.

7. To secure the necessary instruction of officers and non-commissioned officers, recitations will be had at least once a week in tactics and regulations, non commissioned officers to recite to company officers, company officers to regimental, and regimental to the officer in charge. Copies of tactics and regulations will be furnished on application to this office, and officers are directed to send in their requisitions for the same without delay.

8. Within one week from the date of this order officers will report the progress made in their organizations, exhibiting in a tabular form the number of their employes, the number enrolled under this order, the number and designation of companies and battalions, and the names of company, field, and staff officers. Thereafter on the 15th and 30th of each month they will send a similar report to this office, noting all changes and showing the general character and condition of their commands.

9. It is expressly stipulated that this force is solely for the protection of public property in Nashville and for aid in defending the city in case of outbreak or attack, should the ordinary force of troops stationed here for any reason be inadequate to that end. it is purely a depot guard and will not be required for duty elsewhere under any circumstances without voluntary consent of the men themselves. Every able-bodied employe of the quartermaster's department, as heretofore provided, will therefore be expected and required to join this organization with cheerfulness and alacrity.

10. All officers of the quartermaster's department at this depot are expected to give their hearty co-operation to this order and their best energies will be required to perfect the organization without delay.


Senior and Supervising Quartermaster, Dept. of the Cumberland.