War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0371 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Hollow Springs, Tenn., June 25, 1863-9.45 p.

Brigadier General J. A. GARFIELD,

Chief of Staff, Department of the Cumberland"

SIR: I have this moment information from my rear. General Wood is encamped two miles this side of Bradyville, and none of General Palmer's wagons yet up, but they will work at them all night. I wrote you at 2.45 p. m., on my arrival here (Hollow Springs). No further news, and unless I receive further orders I shall remain here till my command comes up. The roads are improving, and I look for the last of my command to be up about 12 m. to-morrow.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


MILLERSBURG, TENN., June 26, 1863-1 a. m.

A communication is just received from Major Bond.* Its inquiries have already been partially answered in dispatch of 11 p. m. 25th. The wagon trains of the First and Second Divisions, with two regiments as guard, commanded by Colonel Heg, were sent to Manchester pike, leaving here at 3 p. m. Owing to the bad state of the road, the train of the Third Division could not get over before dark and was ordered to remain here. It is ready to move at a moment's notice, and will be sent over as soon as its is daylight, unless orders are given to the contrary. The gap in front has been taken and held with such tenacity as will probably lead the enemy to think we want to advance through it. The cutting of trees will offer no serious obstructions to an advance.





MILLERSBURG, TENN., June 26, 1863-4.30 a. m.

[General GARFIELD:]

In your dispatch of 1.15 a. m. to-day you state: + "It is hoped that the head of your column may reach Beech Grove to-morrow night." I have interpreted this (to-morrow night) to mean to-night, as is almost certainly your real meaning, and am acting accordingly. If I am mistaken please notify me as early as possible.

Respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Commanding.


MILLERSBURG, TENN., June 26, 1863-12 m.


Your dispatch of 10 a. m. is received. ++ I will attend to all and get all the news possible. My train will follow Brannan's. I can send it


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